Today on #InternationalTeaDay we unite together with the nation’s shared love for a nice cup of tea that makes every day better. The subtle colours, the steaming aromatic essence, chai is a whole new world. If you were a tea, what kind would you be? Let’s take this quiz to find out. Don’t forget your pen, paper and hmm.. are we forgetting something? Of course, your cup/mug/barrel of tea!

Are we ready?!

What Kind of Tea Are You?

1.What do you do first when you wake up?

a.I have a list of morning rituals I have to follow in the same order or else the world will fall apart.

b.I check my smart watch to see if my health is in order. Then I work out to lose the 1 gm of weight I gained.

c. I think of all the exciting things I am going to do today with some entertaining music on. Life is fun!

 2.How are you spending your Sunday?

a. I am having an exquisite dinner with my acquaintances. The food is going to be legen…wait for it…dary.

b. Finally, the weekend is here. It’s time to catch up on working out. I do work out every day, but Sunday means more planks, more cardio.

c. Get the gang out; we are going to hit all the pubs and dance the night away.

3.What is the one thing people can rely on you for?

a.Well, I am definitely a connossieur in anything classy. I am aware of all the fads and I can tell you what you should be eating, drinking, wearing and watching…and more.

b. You want a fact, I am your person. I am always the brain in the room.

c. I can conjure anything out of thin air. Jugaaad is what I am best at.

4.Which of these characters would you relate to?

a.Elizabeth Bennet

b.Sheldon Cooper


5.How do you like to travel around?

a.I have a chauffeur who drives me around in my sleek limo.

b. Oh, I never travel anywhere without my bicycle. It is super healthy.

c. However my feet take me. I love exploring.

6.What’s the last thing you do before retiring to bed?

a.You mean, after my two hour night routine? I spend an hour organizing my planner for the next day.

b. I take my supplements, I spend 5 minutes and sixty seconds breathing fresh air in my balcony and then I check my smart watch…gotta see if my supplements worked.

c. Sometimes I enjoy a movie, maybe read a book, chat with family and friends, and then I look forward to a pleasant night.

Now that you’re done with the quiz, it’s time to check your results:


Mostly a: You are the traditional and sophisticated Oolong Tea. Life for you is organized and classy. Every detail is of utmost importance to you.


Mostly b: Woah, you are super health conscious and maybe a wee bit high maintenance? Definitely Green Tea.


Mostly c: Your tea is as delicious as your life. Kadak Masala Chai is what you are!

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So what tea are you? Share your results and let us know! Also happy #InternationalDayTea to you from a team that’s so obsessed with tea they made a quiz around it!