Ever wondered why type of an author you are? Here’s a fun quiz for you to answer just that. We recommend you keep a paper and pen handy to note down your answers.

Q1. As the author, how many times have you talked about your ebook on live videos?

  • a. Of course I have, who do you think I am?
  • b. I have done so many live videos that I’m considering it as a side profession
  • c. Does talking to my mother count?

Q2. How many reviews have you got for your ebooks till now?

  • a. I have got a few reviews
  • b. I am rolling in reviews baby
  • c. Reviews, what are those?

Q3. How many times have you read your own ebook for promotions?

  • a. I have read it so many times, I have memorized my first chapter
  • b. I have read it so many times, I have memorized the whole thing
  • c. Urm…once?

Q4. How many times have you done dramatic readings of your books to friends, family and er…pets?

  • a. I read it on video and on live
  • b. I have put up plays
  • c. Does shouting in the mirror count?

Q5. How many social media platforms/groups have you shared your new book on?

  • a. I have my groups, I have shared
  • b. Short of releasing a roadside banner, I have shared them everywhere
  • c. I share on my social channels

Q6. How many times do you check the number of downloads on your ebook in a day?

  • a. Twice a day
  • b. I refresh the page every 5 minutes
  • c. Once a day, I’m not crazy!

Q7. How many times have you flaunted the cover of your book on statuses, wallpapers, or randomly with friends?

  • a. I do it from time to time
  • b. My friends think I have a problem – that many times!
  • c. Err you mean you should do that?

Q8. Being the author, how much do you think about your book on an average day?

  • a. I eat, drink, sleep my book
  • b. What? I have already moved onto the next one!
  • c. I don’t like to think about my book too much

Q9. What plans do you have for this book after?

  • a. Keep sharing it till someone offers me a book deal
  • b. I’m talking to make this large as I take this quiz
  • c. Haven’t really thought about it

Q10. Which author do you relate to most?

  • a. Neil Gaiman – because I am as witty as he
  • b. JK Rowling – because I always write what people relate to
  • c. Salman Rushdie – because I write epic books but market them never

Have you made note of all the aaaaaa, bububub and the ccccccc? Super! Let’s get on the answers than shall we?

What type of an author are you?

Mostly a: The Harmoniously Balanced Writer – You know what you need to do, but you wouldn’t go the extra mile to get that review or promotion done for your book. You’re quite satisfied with whatever comes.

What type of an author are you?

Mostly b: The Super Savvy Writer – My oh my, you have it all sorted out. The marketing, the promotions, a fan following. At this rate, you’ll soon be on the glossy covers of magazines

What type of an author are you?

Mostly c: The Cupboard Writer – You sure have a great book, but you don’t like promoting much, do you? It is time now to walk through the fur coats and step into Narnia.

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