Most bloggers will tell you they began blogging with an objective- creative expression, freebies, money or perhaps even brand building (for larger extensions of their careers). So it is a given that most of them proceeded with a ‘What’s in it for Me’ as is the case for all decisions of our life.

But in due course this question takes multiple turns depending on external factors such as community presence, brand confluence and at times even self inflicted disappointment – all leading to various changes in our original goal plan.

Let’s chalk out a road map tonight. For better blogging and better influence.

1 Content Goal

Stick to a content goal for six months. Work it around as much as possible keeping the central theme in mind. Research and input feedback on a continuous basis. Amplify reach by using relevant hashtags, posting in groups, etc. Plug social media conversations as much as possible into your content- making it relevant and dynamic. For example while writing a travel posts, add social media tidbits about that place- what are people talking about it or what news is on there. All this makes posts far more enagaging

2 Personal Brand Goal

This we fear should at least be kept at a one year timeline. Changing your brand messaging is far more damage than anything else online. Tips for better brand:

Highlight your story, trials & tribulations + achievements relevant to your brand.

Sing a song of positivity- Bring that change you wish to see for yourself. Build ideas that can help people believe in that change. For example, if you feel travel blogging must be about long reads then share long reads of other bloggers. Talk extensively about how long reads help in blogging.

3 Community

Keep your community goals simple. You love somebody’s writing and hence you need to be associated with them. This goes on to show that you are not only an appreciative person but also someone intelligent enough to reach out to quality. This goal should never change, you are average of five persons you spend time with. Also you are what you share.

4 Time to change

But if your goal plan doesn’t give you results, hit the board back. Draw simple things such as a relevant timeline, a content sketch for future and amplification pattern. Remember do not play with your personal brand too much, it will harm your final transition. Sometimes people even announce a change in goals and involve their readers or followers in process- always a more successful way to find acceptance. Try that!


Around the challenge we have built up a rather interesting festival as well called the Blogchatter Writing Festival– celebrating the blogger to author journey.

Did we say author?

Oh wait. Have you not seen last year’s post challenge Blogchatter Ebook carnival? Championed by Chitra Divakaruni we received twenty six ebooks during the month of May all self-published by our community members.

This time we have eight popular authors who are coming along as part of our mentor program for festival, taking up special twitter chats and facebook live sessions to further your publishing dream. Read more here: Blogchatter Writing Festival

As part of Festival we will once again be opening our portals for your self-published ebooks (in case you choose to convert your April blogging challenge into one). You can ping us here or anywhere you find us for queries, etc.

This month we will also be taking up the #AtoZChallenge with you. Celebrating better blogging across platforms through our theme:

Blogging Ethics

Add your post below in the linky and take a deep dive into the sea of blogs that gets connected with us ! You can also add your link to our Blogchatter Reading List– Discover more blogs and get discovered !