What kind of comments do we like seeing on our blog posts? What do we do when we read a post that actually leaves us clueless? Do we comment, do we not? All the puzzles of networking were revealed last Wednesday at Blogchatter.

First of course we discussed the most simple question, what do we as readers look for when we visit a blog?

We can relate to that. A blog is very personal and when it is well-loved, it is seen by anyone who visits it.

While designing our blog, how many of us check if it is compatible to our phone, considering that a lot of readers use their phone to read blogs.

It’s always good to check on your phone as well. If people have trouble accessing your blog, they might lose interest.

It can be a challenge when we read a post way out of our genre and can’t think of what to comment without sounding cliched or fake.

When we get a lot of comments on your blog, how do we respond to them. Do we reciprocate in anyway? How do we build that connection with the readers?

This is an important aspect of building a blogging community. When people take the time to visit and comment on our blog, we can surely take some time to do the same.

We all have different networking strategies in blogging. Each has its own benefits. We exchanged a few ideas.

Whatever method we use, it all boils down to building an audience of faithful readers and reciprocating it sincerely. What goes around, comes around – in blogging as well.

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