In the mood to read, but don’t know which non-fiction book you should pick out of the varied selection? We have the perfect solution for you! Do this quiz and find out which non-fiction book you should read next. Keep a pen and notepad handy to write down your answers!

1. You Feel Today:

  • a. The caterer is late with the food, friends are almost here – angry
  • b. Everyone you invited came to your party – happy
  • c. The party is over and they left you to clean up – frustrated
  • d. Too much to drink last night and don’t know how you got through today – tired

2. You Had a Dream:

  • a. You ran and ran but couldn’t catch the dog that gobbled up your samosa
  • b. You whizzed by on your bike and that pretty girl noticed you
  • c. She finally accepted your offer for a lift, but your bike had a puncture
  • d. Your dad gave you a new Ferrari (it’s a dream!) but your sister & her friends want to go for a ride when all you want to do is drive it past the bus stop a few times

3. How Your Friends Treat You:

  • a. They expect you will study for the exam and be a true friend
  • b. Forget to tell you lunch was called off and you show up after a 15 km drive in traffic
  • c. Your friends don’t even notice the new outfit that you spent Rs. 5000 on
  • d. Best-Buds-4ever have a surprise birthday party for you

4. Your Favorite Way To Get a Book To Read:

  • a. Buy it, that’s what allowances are for
  • b. Borrow it from a friend without any intention of returning it
  • c. Find a library cos’ you’re cheap
  • d. Tell the book author you’re going to review it and get it free

5. The Thing You Wish For:

  • a. That I am king of the world
  • b. All dogs that eat samosas are tagged
  • c. That all friends must clean up after a party at your house, and no, you won’t help at their’s
  • d. A dear most dream is that you really had a Ferrari

6. The One Thing You Would Change About Yourself:

  • a. That I would sit down and write my next best seller
  • b. Stop liking those samosas
  • c. Drink less, write more
  • d. Return all the books you borrowed from unsuspecting people.

7. When You Finish a Book, You…

  • a. Contemplate why you aren’t as ambitious as the heroine in the book
  • b. Wonder what’s for dinner
  • c. See if your friends still want to go to a movie even if it is three hours later
  • d. Hide it from your brother, because it’s so much fun to annoy him


(a) answer – give yourself 1 point
(b) answer – give yourself 3 points
(c) answer – give yourself 6 points
(d) answer – give yourself 8 points

Interpret Your Scores and Read the Non-fiction Book that is Right for You for Today:

PS: click on the name of the ebook to download. Happy reading!