Our Basic Blogging Ecourse is back in its latest avatar! After painstakingly going through all the feedback we received in 2019, we present to you the 2020 e-course.

Why a basic blogging ecourse?

You all are bloggers but how often do you publish? Weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or once in a quarter? If you are consistent then it is great but what if you are not? How will you get that motivation to keep writing? Being in the blogging community, you are aware of blog ranking and Global Alexa that is important to maintain for your blog health and of course blogging projects. Now, brands look for followers, blog DA, Alexa ranking before contacting you for a writing opportunity. But the time is not far away when you will show yourself as a Certified Blogger and work on your own terms. Yes, that’s true! With a Basic Blogging Ecourse certificate, you will add to your blogging credibility.


Basic Blogging Ecourse details

1. Who can apply?

Anyone who wishes to add a certificate to their blogging journey.

2. Where and how will the Ecourse be conducted?

This is an online course and will be conducted in a closed FB Group with all the participants + team Blogchatter. We will be sharing a specially curated reading material which we will go through together during the course.

3. What is the duration? How is the assessment for course completion done?

This is a 3-month course starting from March and ending in May. The months are divided as follows:

  • March: Going through the reading material.
  • April: Participating in the #BlogchatterA2Z challenge. You can read more about the challenge here.
  • May: Only those who successfully complete the April challenge will move to this stage. Here we will discuss media kit and a 6-month plan to get you into the habit of consistent blogging.

The assessment will be in the form of participation during the sessions in March and the successful completion of A2Z.

4. What will I learn?

The basics of blogging like content, SEO, website layout, etc. Here’s a glimpse of what to expect from the reading material that has been prepared:


5. Cost

This time the Ecourse comes with a small cost attached to it. You will be required to donate a minimum of Rs. 500 to any of the NGOs we have in the list. You can check the list of Blogchatter’s social partners here.

Once the donation is done, we will require a screenshot of the donation made as proof of completion of step. Once this has been verified, your registration and participation in the Ecourse will be confirmed.

6. What do I get at the end of successfully completing the Ecourse?

You will get a certificate from us, a registered company. You can display this on your website, add it to your media kit as proof that you have the credibility to be a blogging partner for any brand collaboration.

7. How and where do I register?

Scroll down to the form and please fill the details. You will receive an email from [email protected] asking you to make a donation to one of Blogchatter’s social partners. Once you share a screenshot of having made the donation, your registration will be confirmed.

Benefits of Basic Blogging Ecourse

Blogging is an ongoing activity but often we forget the basics and search the internet or nag a friend. Now, you just need to flip through the course material and regain the knowledge

  • You will become a certified blogger.
  • The reading material will be handy to access anytime.
  • You finish A2Z Challenge and get a chance to turn it into an Ebook published by Blogchatter.
  • You make a whole community of new friends. Writing brings you closer to like-minded people.
  • You will learn to make your own Media Kit.
  • You will receive a 6-month plan for your blogging activities.