A reader and a writer are connected through ideas. The ideas they find on the internet worth discussing and knowing more about. Do you ever feel you need a voice to speak your mind out in the world? An opinion of an on-going discussion or simply start your own ideology. All this is possible if you have a platform to write or speak your thoughts. This platform is called a Blog. Here, you can voice out your each and every thought in the form of writing. The more you write the more you mark your space on the internet.

But why should you start a blog in 2020?

Reasons to start your blog

It is important to know why exactly you want to blog. It should not be under peer pressure or just because the world is doing so. We have mentioned some pointers below that show you the benefits of starting a blog. Let’s see how many do you agree with:

Why should you start a blog in 2020?
Why should you start a blog in 2020?

A blog is your online identity

Your blog is your reflection. Whatever you think, you write it on your blog. It is that unique voice that only belongs to you and spreads your thoughts around the internet. It’s not judgemental and accepts as you are. It is your personal space where you can share your thoughts and opinions with the world.

Your online address

Anybody wants to search you on the internet can type in your blog address and know you better. All your social channels are interconnected and so are your opinions on different platforms.

Online Community

Your writing may fetch you many like-minded people in this virtual world. Believe us, you connect well as you carry the same perspective towards certain things. Everybody needs a social circle to interact and your blog is the best medium. This community gives you a gang of virtual friends to hang around on the internet.

Boosts your creativity

You may be creative at a particular skill but until you practice it regularly, there’s no update to it. Your blog gives you a chance to polish your skill and keep learning more on your interested topic. The internet is so vast that your knowledge will only grow with each new blog you write.

Be the Boss

You are your own boss. There is no accountability to anybody but yourself. You work at your own pace and convenience. You earn the badge of a Freelancer and it makes you an independent writer. A freelancer works on several projects simultaneously.

Financial Independence

This comes with time, hard work and perseverance but it comes for sure. If your work is original and true to your heart, it will definitely earn your money and respect. With this, you become financially independent. At times, it comes in the form of cash and perks.

You are the Brand

Your blog is the only hand behind making you a Brand. You render your creative services through your blog. Your efficiency and authenticity for work are denoted by your blog. People search you through your blog name. That’s when your blog represents you and you become the Brand.

Your blog in 2020

With more and more people turning towards the internet for every reason, blogs are a medium that helps all. The information and research you read on the internet are all in the form of blogs only.

So why not start your own blog and share your knowledge with the world this 2020?