In the month of September, we had embarked on a special journey with Team Wisden – a first time live match contest here on Twitter. All you had to do was tune into second innings of India Vs Australia 3rd ODI and enjoy the match with Blogchatter community.

And for all this fun – you could win yourself a ticket to Melbourne from SriLankan Airlines ! Yes. Not a dream, things got real this side.

Without spending another minute, we present to you the Two Winners of Wisden Cric Byte:

*drum rolls*

Saumy Nagayach

Romil Kapoor 

Please do visit this post by SriLankan Airlines for more.

We hope the two of you build lots of memories on your trip to Australia. And send us back lots of deets on them!

Others, if you tuned in and didn’t win the contest then we must stress that you have no reason to be disappointed. We at Blogchatter are building lots of things and PARTY online has just begun for us !