With the whole world talking about #ClimateAction and strong measures that we need to take to tackle the depleting environment, we certainly must not leave out our dear safety blanket, the Ozone Layer.

The first hole in the Ozone Layer was discovered in 1985 but the relentless efforts under the Montreal Protocol after that have finally begun to show. As a result of that we celebrate success today, but we must also continue to sustain the healing process in order to achieve balanced climatic conditions. 

Today on #WorldOzoneDay, here’s a fun quiz to brush up on some facts and test our knowledge on our invisible shield.  Give yourself five points for every right answer and pssst…no peeking!

Earth is our Mother, and Ozone our Father #WorldOzoneDay

1. What is Ozone?

  • A. Definitely something to do with sky…
  • B. Some zone in the atmosphere
  • C. A special form of oxygen that acts as a protective sheath around our planet

( Answer: C)  

2. What is the Ozone layer protecting us from?

  • A. Kryptonite radiation
  • B. Harmful ultra violet rays from the sun
  • C. Sunlight, I suppose

( Answer: B)

3. Can Ozone be harmful?

  • A. It is a shield that protects us, how can it be harmful!
  • B. It is a highly toxic blue gas
  • C. When it is at ground level, it is a pollutant. It is protective only when it is above our atmosphere

(Answer: C)

4. Ozone layer depletion is caused by:

  • A. Carbon dioxide
  • B. Cholorofluorocarbon (CFC)
  • C. Both, I guess?

(Answer: B)

5. What substances contain CFC?

  • A. Aerosols, car AC, Refrigerator 
  • B. Bike fumes
  • C. All pollutants

(Answer: A)

6. Why is UV radiation high in summer?

  • A. Because the Sun is particularly furious during summer
  • B. The Sun is closer to earth and UV rays reach faster
  • C. There’s more ozone at that time

(Answer: B)

7. What is the main consequence of Ozone depletion?

  • A. Tides
  • B. Excess UV radiation, skin cancer
  • C. Floods, natural disasters

(Answer: B)

8. How can we protect the Ozone layer?

  • A. Minimize usage of CFC containing products, opt for sustainable ones
  • B.  We cannot, the damage is done!
  • C.  Use public transport only

(Answer: A)


0-15: You probably need a lecture from Captain Planet! Awareness is the key to better our planet. Go on and read about the Ozone Layer. 
15-30: You are sort of ‘aware’ of the global situation, time for some local action now. Every day is a day for change
30-40: Aren’t you a smart environmentalist 🙂 You are the Ozone Buddy

Don’t forget to share your score on social media using #CauseAChatter and #WorldOzoneDay hashtags!