Something more powerful than having clear goals is writing them down. It is the key to effectiveness. Thinking on paper helps us organize our thoughts better. To-do lists, ideas that pop up randomly, thoughts for your next project or a life lesson that suddenly made sense in your mind do better on paper. It gives them a more objective outlook. Never miss that ‘ah-ha’ moment again!


We produce good results only when we avoid task saturations. Too many tasks at once with no proper plan and organizing can just make us shut down. Stopping performing completely can take a toll on us. Writing down our plans, organizing them according to priority is the first step to get things done. It calms the mind and what’s better than a calm mind to work efficiently? Ultimately there is no information overload and everything important will have your attention.


You may have had that brilliant idea at the most unexpected time. Perhaps it comes at a time when you are already busy with something else you are working on? Do you enjoy that one moment of creative bliss and then forget about it? Great ideas don’t come everyday. When you write them down it will maintain your resolve and energy. This serves as the perfect motivation in moments of self doubt and hesitation. Keeping them visible as a constant reminder urges you to work in that direction. You can always revisit them whenever needed.


We all want to get better at what we do, write better, create better content and improve our skills. But that’s not possible without an evaluation. We can only know where we need improvement if we learn to assess our own progress. We should create for ourselves a record of our strengths and weaknessesIdentifying how to spend our time and energy then becomes easier.


Our brain is most often exhausted from recalling. We should be spending more time intellectually analyzing and asking the important questions. When you aren’t overwhelmed your mind is free to think about the activities that impact your life. What are those 20% of activities that yield 80% results and what can you eliminate or replace? Thinking at this level expands your abilities to their maximum.


Don’t we often forget how far along we have come and forget to give ourselves a pat on the back ? A gratitude journal, or a notebook marking your achievements, even if they are baby steps are things that keep you grounded and mindful. Connect with everything that is important to you by being aware of your accomplishments and learnings.

A simple pen and paper or notebook can do so many wonders. Dealing with the hustle and bustle of daily life, giving your ideas shape, your goals direction, clear thought processes and emotional stability are all achievable! Keeping notepad on the go, journal of insights, periodic brain dumping may seem like very simple and common methods. But these are some of the most effective ways followed by successful people to achieve their goals, small and big.