When we think of Royal Enfield – the thumping engine, the sleek, yet strong metal body whooshes past our mind, making our jaws drop.  This month has been one with some spectacular conversations around Royal Enfield and we thought it would be great to list out ten insightful things we learnt. Let’s go!

  1. Riding a bike, in the words of a true enthusiast is more of a lifestyle, a form of meditation, a safe haven, or simply a statement, if you will. Royal Enfield is a brand that has been this statement for many across the country.
  2. To build a legacy of 118 years, a lot of hard work goes in. A legacy as rich as this is enough for a brand to gain faith and credibility.
  3. Maintaining originality, yet bringing improvements is one key feature that brings voice to a brand that people can really rely on.
  4. People who have once used a Royal Enfield most likely stuck with the brand for years and would choose it again anytime.
  5. The brand stands alone and bold. Several voices vehemently said that Royal Enfield has no serious competitors/ remains ahead of the show despite newcomers. That’s how far the brand has come.
  6. It is a brand that hasn’t tarnished over the years, and with the ongoing innovations, it certainly is here to stay.
  7. Many stories of biking adventures, thrilling journeys have taken place around Royal Enfield and getting to share them around was a heartwarming part of the campaign.
  8. The live session we had with two passionate bikers gave us some great tips on what to think of while choosing a bike – the ergonomics, the brand’s history, the affordability. The key takeaway point was that RE has been a faithful friend to bikers, scoring full marks in the three essentials.
  9. One of the best things about this campaign was that even non bikers or novices had a lot to say about Royal Enfield’s strong brand story
  10. Royal Enfield is not simply a bike. It is a soldier that tells tales of bravery, a fierce adventurer that has travelled miles, royalty that speaks for itself, and a legend for our nation.

Stay tuned and watch out for the hashtag #IRideRoyalEnfield, because this journey continues, so hop on and feel the freedom touch you.