Blogging becomes extra fun when you get to test and challenge your writing skills. A little edge everyday adds so much thrill and makes the journey exciting. Aprils every year at Blogchatter are for the world famous A2Z Challenge. Our entire community gets together to prepare for the huge 26-day activity that is Blogchatter A2Z. When you run out of ideas to blog, when you lose inspiration to write and all you can do is stare at the blank screen or paper, with no words, a challenge like this can definitely spice things up.

What exactly is Blogchatter A2Z?

So, this includes blogging everyday in April for 26 days, except on Sundays. What’s special about it is that every day’s post will be corresponding to each letter of the alphabet.  So, you can either have a theme or just write random posts based on the alphabet for the day. We generally have a theme at Blogchatter around which we write all our posts.

Some handy tips for you:

1.    Always use the hashtag #BlogchatterA2Z while you share your posts on social media, so it is easy to track.

2.    It won’t be just writing; we will have some exclusive activities for all participants too.

3.    Although having a theme is not compulsory, it helps in keeping the flow. Nevertheless, theme or no theme, plan all your posts beforehand so you can breathe!

Participating in the Blogchatter A2Z Challenge helps you meet new blogger friends, find blogs that you could add to your reading list, and most importantly it helps you stay motivated and keep writing. And we know what happens when your blog is active, don’t we? A low Alexa rank, more engagement that take your blog to a whole new level.

Dr. Amrita Basu from our community talks about how Blogging Challenges such as these have helped grow her blog and she was inspired to write an ebook on it as well. Noor talks about how she was introduced to the A2Z Challenge and after participating she felt that this was something she would come back again for! So how about you? Are you ready to blog with us from A to Z? If it is your first time taking part and you are still confused, maybe take some inspiration from Mayuri. You could too share your experiences with like minded people and find your tribe!

Also, as of 2022 we had 58 people successfully completing the Blogchatter A2Z Challenge. You could be one of them this year!

Registrations for this April challenge open in the first week of March. Keep an eye on your Dashboard to know more.