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Health-Fitness & Nutrition, 3 Feb 2023

Did you know that finding the right dietary balance is the key to managing diabetes? - Aesha's Musings

Are you trying hard manging diabetes? the crucial role of maintaining the right dietary balance as the key to managing…

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Writing, 2 Feb 2023

Writing and Me, A celestial bond!

An engineer by qualification, who would have thought that the world of words would bring me to be a proud,…

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Health-Fitness & Nutrition, 1 Feb 2023

What I learnt about diabetes management this Diwali - Directing My Dreams

Festive season is best part of the year. Fun times with family and friends bring everyone happiness. Last 2-3 months…

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Writing, 30 Jan 2023

To Be 19 Again – A Rustic Mind

This post is a part of Blogchatter Blog Hop. It is in response to the weekly prompts for 24th-30th January and…

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BookChatter, 30 Jan 2023

I woke up fifteen years younger

When I woke up fifteen years younger my tragic story begins I felt like I messing up things again and…

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Life & Lifestyle, 30 Jan 2023

Change Comes from Within: 5 Things I Contribute to a Better Society - Living Herself

It’s easy to judge or crib about the things that are wrong in society. I am not perfect I do…

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Food & Travel, 4 Feb 2023

Cooking Lasagna: A Classic and My Favorite Thing to Cook #cooking #lasagna – Pebble's Galaxy

lasagna is my favorite thing to cook because it’s delicious, versatile, and easy to make. Whether you’re cooking for a…

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Writing, 4 Feb 2023

An Open Letter To Blogchatter: A Note of Gratitude and Reflection @blogchatter #openletter #WriteAPageADay – Pebble's Galaxy

Blogchatter, a virtual space, Where writers share their tales with grace, A platform for their thoughts to flow, Their words…

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BookChatter, 4 Feb 2023


My first book for February is a historical romance fiction set in the 1400s in Europe. The book starts with…

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