If you have taken even a cursory look at our website you would know that we are obsessed with our community - we do almost everything and anything for them.

But when it comes to talking about our relationship with our brands - we are a tad shy. However, in our efforts towards better blogging in India, they have been our most important partners - placing faith in everything we do and allowing us a wide canvas to play and create impacts within.

So we decided that in our new avatar as Blogchatter 2.0 (or #BlogchatterReloaded), we will speak a little more about this side of our world.

How to partner with us - if you are a brand.

Through our copyrighted digital properties we help build outreach for brands around their campaigns - which often includes their products, their services, their larger messaging etc.

If you are curious what those digital properties look like and how we can turn the magic of their impact on your brand, then it is time to send us an email. Trust our word on it and we will take care of the rest.

So don't wait - just hit the send button and enjoy the ride down rabbit's hole with us.