Refreshed on: 20th Sep 2020
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    #MondayMutiny on Finding Inspiration Through Pinterest
    21st September, all day

    All last week we have been discovering Pinterest together. On Monday, we discuss how you can use this platform beyond driving traffic as well. Join us and share your thoughts on Twitter.

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    Blogchatter Chat Session on Promotion Strategy for your Blog
    23rd September, 8.30 PM, Wed

    Writing and publishing is one aspect of blogging but another crucial aspect is promoting those blogposts. How best can you promote your posts and how can Blogchatter aid you in your quest to better page views? Find out more on our Twitter chat.

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    Celebrating #WorldTourismDay
    27th September, all day

    Tourism has always been important, culturally and economically. On #WorldTourismDay nominate one place you'd like to visit/revisit after the pandemic and build us a story, narrative around a day spent there. Let your imagination soar and keep the tourist spirits alive, preserving our cultural heritage. Watch out for #CauseAChatter on 27th September.

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    Registrations for #MyFriendAlexa
    begins 9th September

    #MyFriendAlexa is a month long blogging challenge that makes use of your blog's Alexa rank and its associated tools to teach you how to do more with your online presence. Registrations are now open! For deets, and to register, click here.

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    begins 1st September

    #EnsureDiabetesCare is an awareness activity around living well with diabetes in current times. We will be sharing tips, exercise and lifestyle changes, and how you can control your blood sugar levels all month. Keep an eye on hashtag to know more.

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    Let's Talk About You

    Last week we ran an Instagram Giveaway where we talked about you. To know your community members and team Blogchatter members better, head over to the Instagram Highlight.

Thou shalt keep learning.