The internet is a powerful tool that does not discriminate among its users based on their character or intentions. It is a vast digital landscape that connects people from all walks of life, regardless of whether they are considered "good" or "bad" kids. The same internet that provides a wealth of knowledge, communication, and opportunities for growth can also expose kids to harmful content and behaviours. 

Recent news articles have highlighted disturbing consequences of unchecked internet use among children, revealing alarming incidents such as a teenager experiencing night terrors, another adolescent recklessly spending a significant sum on their mother's credit card, and even a young individual attempting to purchase a dangerous firearm like an AK-47 through the dark web

These concerning instances underscore the urgent need for increased awareness and responsible internet guidance for children. In response, we collaborated with our bloggers to create a compelling reel, shedding light on these issues to encourage dialogue and promote safer online practices among young internet users.

Internet Does Not Discriminate

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Internet Does Not Discriminate

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