• Have you ever thought of an idea but did not know how to go about planning or executing it?
  • Have you ever wanted to rebrand your blog or social media presence but needed a soundboard to bounce ideas off?
  • Have you ever wanted someone to validate your idea or what you’re planning to do next?
  • Do you have a plan and need someone to go through it and suggest any feedback?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then we have a surprise for you.

What is Blogchatter Ideas Incubator?

Many times, we know our pitch for an article or a submission of our manuscript is good but we want someone to have a look at it and say yes, this is good or maybe, this would be better. 

We want to be that person for you. How? By birthing what we’re calling Blogchatter Ideas Incubator, where ideas get new…and stabler wings.

How can you participate in this?

Write an email to hola@theblogchatter.com with details on what help you’re looking for. Even if you’re not sure, you could simply mention this is my idea, and I need some help finalizing it.

How will we help?

Based on the email, help and area of interest, we will assign a team member to you. We’ll plan a call where you can take us through what you’re thinking and the team member will help you. If required, we’ll plan more calls. It's that simple!


Q1. Is this chargeable?

No. You only need to be a registered community member.

Q2. What type of help can you expect?

At this juncture, the help we’re able to provide is with ideation and planning. 

Q3. What areas can you ask help for?

An indicative list and not an exhaustive one:

  • Causes you want to champion
  • Book pitch or idea
  • Re-branding 
  • Trying out a new content form or how it can integrate with your existing online presence 
  • Small business ideas 
  • How and where to begin a blog 
  • Sustaining your blog
  • Book marketing or marketing your content 

Don't forget to craft that email and send it to us. We cannot wait to see you soar.