So you have a new and shiny blog and as per Google, you should be earning about $600,000 per month through your blog. But the moolah does not seem to be coming your way. What can you do? How can you ensure you get the most out of your blogging journey? Well, first things first, you become a Blogchatter member. Once you have done that there are many ways in which you can earn with Blogchatter.

Becoming a member lets you earn with Blogchatter

You can register with us by simply signing through your email ID. As soon as you become a Blogchatter member, numerous opportunities open up for you to earn as a content creator. As you complete a campaign or task, you get reward points where 1 Reward point = 1 INR. You can redeem and transfer your reward points directly to your bank account as soon as they reach 1499 reward points.

What are Reward Points?

Reward Points are points you earn for your interactions with the community and with Blogchatter. It is our token of appreciation for sticking with us all this time and doing Blogchatter right

Where can I check my Reward Points?

You can check your Reward Points here.

How can you earn Reward Points?

You can perform any of the following actions to be eligible to win Reward Points from Blogchatter.

1. Participating in #BlogchatterBlogHop

One thing that all of us find challenging is consistency. Our community members asked for blog hops + prompts that will help in blogging regularly. So, Blogchatter is here to tell you more about #BlogchatterBlogHop. Write and earn reward points if your entry is chosen as the winner!

To know more about Blogchatter Blog Hop, check this.

2. Pitch guest posts to BeStorified

BeStorified is our playground where we can write and talk about anything under the sun. We open guest posts for BeStorified every month. We will be accepting 2 posts ( from two different people) each month and you can earn 1000 reward points per post.

You can check the rules of contribution here and the kind of stories we share on BeStorified here.

3. Reviewing for us via our BookChatter Track

We started the BookChatter track to encourage our community to read more, especially Indian authors. While reading in itself is a reward, we also wanted to add some incentive so you would read more books! For every book that you review with us - irrespective if it's an ebook, paperback, traditionally or self-published under the BookChatter track - you will be eligible to receive points. 

To apply for a book, click here.

4. Successful completion of your #TBRChallenge

We would love to reward you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to read books. If you're a part of the TBRChallenge and you reach your goal - finish it 100% - by the end of the year, you will be eligible for points.

To know or participate in the TBRChallenge, click here. The rules update every year.

5. Participating in various Calendar activities also lets you win reward points:

A. Successful completion of #WriteAPageADay

This campaign wants you to write 10000 words in 28 days of February. Simple and fun? Yes, we knew. So your content can be in any form and you don't need to publish it. You can write in your journal, in your diary, Word document, Blog etc. We just need a validation from you on how many words you write each day as a tweet with the hashtag #WriteAPageADay.

On successful completion, there's a reward for all the participants.

To know or participate in Write A Page A Day, click here. The rules update every year.

B. Successful completion of #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge

This writing challenge has our heart over it. Our community loves to write continuously for 26 days of April barring all Sundays on anything close to their hearts. Everyone loves to engage in each other's posts. Successfully publishing 26 posts in April lets you win reward points.

To know more or participate in Blogchatter A2Z Challenge, click here. The rules update every year.

C. Successful completion of #15DaysReelsChallenge

When you love to make videos and win rewards on successful completion, you register for #15DaysReelsChallenge. Here, you make 10 Reels in 15 days. We provide you prompts that you may or may not follow. Just tag us and use the correct hashtag and you are all to win rewards.

To know more or participate in 15 Days Reels Challenge, click here. The rules update every year.

D. Successful completion of #BlogchatterHalfMarathon

Like A2Z Challenge, Half Marathon is also a writing campaign where you need to write 10 blog posts in 15 days. You also get prompts that you may or may not choose to write on. On successfully completing the challenge, you are rewarded.

To know more or participate in Blogchatter Half Marathon, click here. The rules update every year.

6. Featured Campaigns

At Blogchatter, we're always looking at different ways in which we can encourage our community members to monetize their online presence. Though different from our usual brand campaigns, through this we hope to include more and more members who can earn with us.

To know more about Featured Campaigns, click here.

7. Brand Campaigns

We don't much like to talk about brand campaigns or our process of selecting bloggers but we will share a bit of our secret with you. We choose bloggers whose body of work best suits the messaging of the brand campaign. That is always our first criterion. We go through the blogger's blog, social channels and activity on Blogchatter pages/campaigns to ascertain if their personality and "voice" will fit with the campaign. Please note that the more you engage within the community - via attending our Wednesday chat sessions, Friday Facebook live sessions and participation in campaigns - the better your chances of earning a brand campaign. We will always prefer an active community member.

Who is an active community member? Well we're glad you asked. Team Blogchatter weighs in. You can listen to the podcast here.

8. Participating in Surveys

Surveys are our way to find the pulse of our community. We have had surveys on podcasts, gender and sexuality and blogging so far. We aim to have at least 1 survey a month. You will receive points every time you successfully finish a survey.

To find surveys on your dashboard, click here.

What can you do to make the most of your Blogchatter membership?

  • You can go through the Tips section on our website to find different ways you can create and market your content.
  • If you're looking to read more bloggers or find more readers for your blog, you must try out BlogRolls.
  • if you're new to the blogging world or are looking to re-establish your blog, or just want a community to support you, nothing works better than participating in one of our campaigns. We have heard it's the fastest and easiest way to make friends in the blogging world. Just ask our community members and they'll tell you! Or you can even look at this post on how to do Blogchatter right to get some ideas.

Remember, the more you engage with Blogchatter and our community - via campaigns, chats, lives, and BlogRolls - the better will be your visibility.

 So what are you waiting for? Join us today!

Also don't forget to keep an eye on Notifications to see what new points are up for grabs.