So you have a new and shiny blog and as per Google, you should be earning about $600,000 per month through your blog. But the moolah does not seem to be coming your way. What can you do? How can you ensure you get that most out of your blogging journey? Well, first things first, you become a member of a community like Blogchatter. Once you have done that there are two ways in which you can earn money with Blogchatter.

1. Guest Posts

In our bid to combat the rising infatuation with the Instagram following, and adding diverse voices and thoughts to the content that is uploaded on Blogchatter, we introduced Guest Posts. We wanted to not only get our community comfortable and gain confidence in pitching their ideas to online publications, we also wanted to create an ecosystem where you could earn money through writing kickass content without it mattering how many numbers you have on your social channels.

To know more about Guest Posts, click here.

2. Brand Campaigns

We don't much like to talk about brand campaigns or our process of selecting bloggers but we will share a bit of our secret with you. We choose bloggers whose body of work best suits the messaging of the brand campaign. That is always our first criteria. We go through the blogger's blog, social channels and activity on Blogchatter pages/campaigns to ascertain if their personality and "voice" will fit with the campaign. Please note, the more you engage within the community - via attending our Wednesday chat sessions, Friday Facebook live sessions, participation in campaigns - the better are your chances of earning a brand campaign. We will always prefer an active community member.

Who is an active community member? Well we're glad you asked. Team Blogchatter weighs in. You can listen to the padcast here.

3. Reward Points

At Blogchatter, nothing is more important than community and we have been looking for ways in which we can reward them for their continued support and love. Thus, we’re introducing Reward Points. We give you points for say being a part of BookChatter, or completing your quarter targets for CauseAChatter, etc. 

To know more about Reward Points, check this post.

4. Featured Campaigns

At Blogchatter, we're always looking at different ways in which we can encourage our community members to monetize their online presence. Though different from our usual brand campaigns, through this we hope to include more and more members who can earn with us.

To know more about Featured Campaigns, click here.

What can you do to make the most of your Blogchatter membership?

You can go through the Tips section on our website to find different ways you can create and market your content. If you're looking to read more bloggers or find more readers for your blog, you must try out BlogRolls. And if you're new to the blogging world or are looking to re-establish your blog, or just want a community to support you, nothing works better than participating in one of our campaigns. We have heard it's the fastest and easiest way to make friends in the blogging world. Just ask our community members and they'll tell you! Or you can even look at this post on how to do Blogchatter right to get some ideas.

Remember, the more you engage with Blogchatter and our community - via campaigns, chats, lives, and BlogRolls - the better will be your visibility.

 So what are you waiting for? Join us today!