New to Blogchatter and confused about where to start and how to ‘do Blogchatter right’? Or are you someone who’s been here for a while but still not sure about how things work? Either way, if you’re reading this, I am going to assume that you want to learn how you can be a better member of the community and benefit from our campaigns. Well, you don’t have to worry about a thing anymore. I gotchu!

Here’s a few things that’ll help make your ride with Blogchatter easy and ensure that you make the best out of your experience with us!

#1: Public Profile

To begin with, make sure you have registered on our website and updated your public profile. This is your first introduction to us and to your fellow community members so make sure it reflects who you are. Make sure you integrate your social media handles which will be displayed on your profile. This way, others can find you on social too and you'll be notified if someone shares your BlogRoll! 

Your public profile also helps us judge if you will be suitable for a certain campaign since it also consists of BlogRolls which clearly convey your niche and interests.

#2: BlogRolls

The next obvious step is to keep submitting to Blogrolls. Reading your Blogrolls gives us the team as well as the community an idea if what you’re interested in talking about and helps makes interactions easier. Although it’s completely your choice what you decide to submit to the Blogrolls, we suggest you update it as often as you update your regular blog!


#3: Build thy network

At Blogchatter we’re all about sticking up for each other. Our community forms a large part of who we are and we are proud of the connections we have built and continue building. Of course, we want you to benefit from this as well! We encourage you to interact with your fellow bloggers and community members. This will not only help you build personal relationships with other community members but also serve as a source of inspiration when you most need it. We all know what a pain writer’s block can be.

Show your appreciation as often as you can!

#4: Say hola 

Let’s move on to another very important part of Blogchatter – our social media! We mean business on our website but our social media is where we like to play around a little bit. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy and we don’t like having dull days here! Our social media is a space where we can freely interact with our audience. This is also a space where each and every one of you can get to know your community members and learn who they are outside of their blogs!

We make sure to always have something fun running on our social media – there are Facebook lives, Twitter chat sessions, Chai Pe sessions where we talk about anything and everything and weekly tracks like Monday Mutiny. Although it’s not compulsory, we encourage all of you to routinely participate in these tracks so we can all learn something from these exchanges. You can use What's On or our Calendar to stay up to date.

#5: Get Featured

In addition to interaction and participation on social media, it is imperative that you keep checking our website for updates on the campaigns we run. Ongoing campaigns can be found under Featured Campaigns. It's a great way of finding inspiration, getting that extra page views for your blog and earn some moolah too!

#6: The holy commandments

For everything else, we swear by these holy commandments! Everything you need to know about doing Blogchatter right is summed up in these 10 commandments. Actually, I will go as far as to say everything you need to know about doing LIFE right is summed up right here in these 10 commandments. So make sure you bookmark this one and keep it handy ????

Blogging Commandments

#7: Show me the moolah

There are 3 ways you can earn with Blogchatter: reward points, guest posts and brand campaigns. Know more about them here. As you receive reward points for successful completion of campaigns, getting your guest post published, acing CauseAChatter, BookChatter, and more, your reward points will be credited to your wallet here and you can redeem them once they cross 1499 points. 

#8: Earn a card on your profile

Earn stickers and cards on your profile by:

Check this to know more about the card feature.

Lastly, but most importantly, be kind and courteous. We grow when we support each other and learn from each other. The best way to become a better blogger is to become a better person, isn’t it?