Are you new to Blogchatter and confused about where to start and how to ‘do Blogchatter right’? Or are you someone who’s been here for a while but is still unsure how things work? Either way, if you’re reading this, we assume you want to learn how to be a better member of the community and benefit as a content creator.

Here are a few ways that’ll help make your ride with Blogchatter easy and ensure that you make the best out of your experience with us! 

Update Public profile

As soon as you register with Blogchatter, you get your personalised dashboard. Here, you can update your personal as well as work details. This is also known as Public profile. Team Blogchatter comes to know about your content creation through this profile only. Whenever we search for a suitable profile for a particular campaign, we check your profile first. Make sure you integrate your social media handles which will be displayed on your profile. This way, others can find you on social too and you'll be notified if someone shares your BlogRoll! 


The next obvious step is to keep submitting to Blogrolls. Reading your Blogrolls gives us and the community an idea of what you’re interested in talking about and helps make interactions easier. Although it’s completely your choice what you decide to submit to BlogRolls, we suggest you update it as often as you update your regular blog!

The highlight of every Tuesday is the Newsletters

The best thing after your registration with us is the arrival of the weekly Newsletter in your inbox. This newsletter includes all that’s happening at Blogchatter in that particular week. Don’t forget to reply to them too!

Earn with us 

We value our community’s contribution to content creation in any form and that’s why we like to reward you for every campaign you participate in with us. The rules are simple and 1 reward point = 1 INR. You can redeem them directly into your bank account as soon as your reward points total 1499. Keep an eye out for any announcements on our social platforms or you can always reach out to any of our team members for enquiry.

You can learn more about how you can earn here

Engage on #MondayMutiny

Mondays are tricky for working professionals and to make them friendly for everyone, we call you for a light discussion around tea time at 4. It’s fun to talk about simple things in life on a busy day like Monday. Do join us on Twitter. You can check the notification on your dashboard every Monday or simply follow us on socials.

Meet us on Wednesdays sharp at 8:30 PM

We love to interact with our community during our Twitter chats. Our community has made many new friends and revived old friendships. Such is the charm of attending Wednesday chats. Topics ranging from shopping to books to seasons, we talk about everything that brings everyone together.

Check our Instagram stories

Instagram is one place which is very dynamic and interactive. We love to engage with our community via quirky polls, questions and sharing things the A-team is up to.

Be a part of #CauseAChatter stories

If you have championed a cause in life or conquered a difficult situation, you can talk to us to be featured on #CauseAChatter stories and help others in the community who may be facing the same problems and looking out for solutions.

Read more about it here.

Add your TBR list to our #TBRChallenge

Isn’t it fun to read with a group of like-minded people? Blogchatter provides you exactly the same vibes and that too with reward points on successful completion. Add your yearly goals here and update your books as and when you finish them. You can also add your review blog post to help others decide to add or not add a book to their TBR.

We also have monthly activities for people participating in the #TBRChallenge. There are free books to be won! Read more about it here.

Book Review Program - your dream of living with endless new books

Blogchatter loves to celebrate Indian authors and every month, we add new books to our review program. For every book you review with us - whether it's an ebook, paperback, traditional or self-published under the BookChatter track - you will be eligible to receive reward points because we appreciate hard work in every form.

Read up more about the program here and check what books are available to review here.

Blogchatter Blog Hop

Writing together is always fun. In fact, Blogchatter was also discovered to bring all content creators together on a common platform and win challenges together. One such way to interact with each other weekly and win reward points is to participate in Blogchatter Blog Hop.

Every Tuesday, 2 new prompts are announced in the newsletter valid until next Monday. The best entry of the week wins reward points and shares a highlight on our social platforms. Cool, isn’t it? 

Know more here.

Follow our year calendar

Blogchatter releases an annual calendar every year with all the important activities and campaigns we will do in the coming year. There’s also a live session in Jan disclosing more about the yearly activities, what changes we have made to the new year, some highlights from the previous year we want to continue and a few steps towards the new campaigns we are excited about. We try to mix our calendar activities with books, food, travel and some surprises every year. The live discussion also gives the community a chance to interact with the team and clear queries if any. 

As the year progresses and you start participating in various campaigns, along with reward points you get a sticker on your profile and we bet our community simply loves to flaunt it on their social channels. Tagging friends and inviting new members is a common affair seen after the completion of every activity.

Know more about the year calendar here.

DMs are always invited

If nothing seems right to start a conversation with us then you can just say ‘Hi’ to us at We are quick to respond.

So now it’s your turn to tell us which of the above mediums you liked the most and in how many activities you have participated. Until then keep following us on all social channels to know what’s happening at Blogchatter.