There's a different high to being published, whether it's a literary magazine, a novella, a full-length novel or being part of an anthology, sharing space with other authors.

We bring you a unique opportunity to write along with the community. this year If writing a book feels intimidating, publishing your short story may feel doable. And that's where #BlogchatterAnthology comes in! 

What's #BlogchatterAnthology

It is a collection of short stories written around a theme that we would announce. We ask you to submit your short stories based on the guidelines. The winning entries will be included in the anthology that will be published as a paperback. 

Why should you be a part of Anthology with Blogchatter?

Writing can be a very lonely journey and more so if you're trying to write a book and get it published. Being a part of an anthology is a great way to gain exposure and meet other writers in the community. 

The support you'll get from us will make the publishing and marketing process easier for you. Getting your work published is the best kind of inspiration to go ahead and keep writing some more.

Ultimately, having your creation on a paper back is a different feeling altogether! We hope to see you trying your hand at the anthology.

Registrations for 2024 are now open!


Check out the 2023 anthology, the Blogchatter Book of Thrillers, here.