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Word of Mouth, 19 May 2022

Blogging plus community create celebrities

Blogging alone is fine. Every blogger does it. But the fact of the matter is every blogger strives for increase…

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Blogging, 3 May 2022

Freedom of expression in the digital era

Freedom of expression is an important fundamental right and we exercise this right in our day-to-day lives, through the exchange…

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Writing, 2 May 2022

What's The Idea?

Flesh out your book idea today, because an idea that sells is a book that sells!

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Word of Mouth, 28 Apr 2022

12 ways through which blogging communities contribute to a better world

On the whole blogging community is candidly putting efforts and contributing their best for a better world. Let’s see how…

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Writing, 22 Mar 2022

7 elements your horror story must have

Good horror novels, like most other genres, demand the perfect combination and balance of ingredients - one that can induce…

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Writing, 17 Mar 2022

Being a Consistent Writer

Being regular with your writing is what sets you apart, both in terms of work ethos and quality. Here are…

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Writing, 15 Mar 2022

How to write good newsletters

How to write good newsletters so they get read by your readers.

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Writing, 31 Jan 2022

Daily Writing Prompts for Write A Page A Day

Daily writing prompts for the month of February, so that you are never stuck for words.

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Blogging, 28 Oct 2021

5 Content Strategies to Renew the Content Creation in a Niche

It is important to bring fresh perspective and freshness to your content, even when you write in a single niche.…

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Blogging, 22 Oct 2021

Travel Blogging – Where to Start, Content Creation Ideas & Much More

Travel is a niche, that spans across all age groups and can be written in so many different forms from…