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Social Media, 16 Sep 2020

Introduction to different Pin formats

A short introduction and description of all the Pin formats available for use on Pinterest.

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Social Media, 15 Sep 2020

How Pinterest works

A short beginner's guide for how you can get the best of your Pinterest experience.

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Writing, 10 Sep 2020

5 Scary ways FOMO is killing your writing/blogging!

As a blogger, you're spending your day catching up on things. But are you falling into the trap of FOMO?

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Blogging, 9 Sep 2020

Decoding Google Analytics for beginners

Decoding a few of Google Analytics' dashboards that gives actionable insights and you can implement them without racking your brains.

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Blogging, 27 Aug 2020

A complete tutorial on lead magnet to grow an email list

Email marketing and lead magnet are two words causing a lot of buzz. Learn how to grow your list.

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Video, 16 Aug 2020

How to be a great video blogger #LightsCameraChatter

A lot goes into the making of a good video. Sound, lighting, content – everything needs to be on point.

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Podcast, 11 Aug 2020

All about podcasts

India has recently seen a lot of online software platforms for podcasting come up. Learn #AllAboutPodcasts here.