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Writing, 19 Aug 2021

Four life-altering books for every artist, writer or creator

No one told me that the craft of writing or any form or creativity crumbled if the creator wasn’t aware…

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Video, 18 Aug 2021

How to add fun elements to your videos | ft Lights Camera Chatter'21

Video making is an art and to learn unique techniques to ease out the process and create brilliant videos, you…

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Video, 10 Aug 2021

What is the secret behind a successful YouTuber? ft Lights Camera Chatter'21

Video making sessions at Lights Camera Chatter in 2021 gave us a new way to look at videos. We talked…

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Writing, 5 Aug 2021

Three approaches to creativity

As creative individuals, we often think about content creation and content marketing as integral to creativity – and rightly so.…

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Podcast, 28 Jul 2021

How to decide a podcasting platform

Have you ever needed to begin a podcast, however you are confused to decide among the platforms out there? Then…

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Writing, 22 Jul 2021

Writing in the Second Person Perspective

Second person perspective - why it's an unusual way to write and how you can experiment with it.

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Social Media, 16 Jul 2021

How is Instagram changing?

Read on to find out how our favourite photo sharing app is changing and how you can keep up!

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Podcast, 14 Jul 2021

How to monetize a podcast in 2021

There is tons of information on producing a podcast on a shoe strings budget on the web. Here you will…

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Writing, 17 Jun 2021

5 things to consider before taking Carnival Ebook to another platform

Now that the eBook is published, promoted, downloaded and reviewed, what next is always a big question to the blogger…