Got questions around #BlogchatterA2Z ? What it is and what it entails? Well we're here to answer those questions. We tried to cover most of the burning questions we could think of. If you still have some, feel free to comment, mail ( or tweet to us.

Important dates to remember

  • Registrations: 1 March – 29 March
  • Theme Reveal: 24 March – 31 March
  • BlogchatterA2Z challenge: 1 April – 30 April

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All the FAQs we can think of

Q1. What is the confirmation once you register for #BlogchatterA2Z?

You can see your confirmation on the dashboard here.

Q2. What is the last day to register for #BlogchatterA2Z? Where can I register?

29th March, 2024. You can check this post to register.

Q3. Is there any fees for the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge?

No, there isn’t.

Q4. What is a theme reveal? Is it mandatory to have a theme?

Theme reveal is when you tell your blog audience what you will be talking about in April. It’s like a teaser that you give them and it also creates some excitement for your upcoming content.

It is not compulsory to do a theme reveal or to follow a theme. Previous participants have found having a theme helpful.

We do not give a theme or prompts for A2Z. The theme is entirely your call.

Q5. Is a specific image required for theme reveal?

There is no compulsory image required. You can use what you feel best.

Q6. Is there any mandatory line that needs to be added to every A2Z post?

Yes. Add a line at the end of your post: I'm participating in #BlogchatterA2Z and hyperlink

Q7. Do we have a reading list for #BlogchatterA2Z?

This year we want to encourage you to read more because A2Z is the best time to discover new friends and blogs. Although we will not provide any reading list. You can choose 5 new blogs to read every Sunday. We will be rewarding people who read consistently throughout the month.

Q8. Writing one post a day, is that a fixed rule?

Ideally writing one post per day according to the corresponding letter for that day is recommended. Any other way will make it hard to catch up.

Q9. Do we have to write daily?

One post every day except on Sundays. Take that day to cool off and plan!

Q10. Is reading and commenting on other posts mandatory?

It is not, but that is how you network. So do check out posts of other bloggers and you’ll definitely find something you like. We will be rewarding people who read consistently. 

Q11. Where to link up posts?

There will be no linky for #BlogchatterA2Z 2024. There will be a Featured Category for this and you can add that while you're submitting your posts to BlogRolls.

Q12. Is it okay to write more than one post in a day?

You can, but it's easier to follow the one alphabet per day rule. That's the whole fun of participating in the A2Z challenge!

Q13. Are any hashtags to be used?

Yes! Don’t forget to use the #BlogchatterA2Z while sharing your posts on social media.

Q14. Will there be other activities too, apart from writing one post per day?

Yes, this time we will have one activity for all Sundays of April - Read The New. You can choose 5 new blogs every Sunday to read and you will be rewarded extra for this activity. Remember to pick new blogs every time so that you get a chance to read 20 new blogs by the end of April.

Q15. Do we have an exclusive group for #BlogchatterA2Z participants?

Yes, we will have a WhatsApp group for easy communication.

Q16. Does #BlogchatterA2Z have a certificate once completed?

No, the #BlogchatterA2Z Challenge alone doesn’t come with a certificate. But it will win you a sticker on your public profile and reward points from our side for the successful completion of the challenge.

Q17. Do we have to submit our posts to BlogRolls?

Yes, you do. That's how we will keep track of your challenge and completion. Remember to tick the Featured Category option while submitting it to BlogRolls.

Q18. Do we have to add specific Alphabet images to our daily posts?

We will share Alphabet images in the WhatsApp group during the challenge. You may or may not add them to your posts. Adding and sharing on social platforms builds a good recall for other community members.

Q19. Is there any calendar for this challenge?

Yes, we will provide an April calendar with all alphabets aligned to specific dates of the month for easy recall.