Our First Logo was an easy-peasy B - the purpose behind this image was very simple - we have formed a community around blogging.

But then with time - and a couple of branding lessons later - we went down an even more self-explanatory route. The logo became just the word "Blogchatter" with our tag line.

It became our more permanent and visible identity for the first half of a decade.

Around this logo we saw some of our biggest milestones: we launched BLOGCHATTER®, our first Ebook Carnival, engaged Take Your Blog To The Next Level, our first paid collaboration with Bloggers, went to town with a campaign specifically using Alexa Rank...and before we knew it, we had grown!

From being just a community around blogging, we became much more. And the logo fell short in communicating our story.

Before we could even start envisioning the new image, we had to answer some rather existential crisis questions :

  • Who is Blogchatter
  • Who are we not
  • What did we want people to feel/understand when they saw our logo
  • What did we envision our logo to communicate

And these questions took us down the rabbit hole. But the journey was worthwhile.

We aren't going to explain the logo to you because then it'll beat the purpose of the entire communication. Why don't you tell us what you think about it? What are your first impressions from it? What does it communicate to you?

  • Time for you to answer - who is Blogchatter? Who is it not