The new year brings the time for introspection and transformation. Additionally, it's a chance for us to test our limits, improve as readers, and push ourselves. Why not use this chance to make some reading resolutions for the year??

A reading challenge can be started at any time, but the beginning of the year is a fantastic time to plan ahead and make a year-long commitment. The aim may be to read more books, a certain set of subjects, genres, or book types, or even to read more frequently.

Reasons you need a Reading Challenge

A reading challenge can have several benefits for you:

  • Books are a great form of entertainment and learning.
  • You continually evaluate as you read. As a result, you also develop your capacity for analytical thought.
  • The sense of adventure when you discover a new author, or a book series is unparalleled.  
  • Interaction with other readers, having fun and discussing all the ways a book broke your heart, or made you want to throw it across the room.
  • Earning goodies like reward points, stickers, badges and giveaway books.

Get ready, then! Participate in the #TBRChallenge to get inspired to read more.


  • Finish creating your Blogchatter profile.
  • Go to your dashboard, select the Reading Challenge, and set your goal for how many books you want to read this year at the start of the year or whenever you like. That's all; you've been registered.
  • Add books to your dashboard as you finish them. For the book to appear on your list of books you've read this year, upload the book cover, along with the title and author. Alternatively, you can add the Goodreads link and it will fetch all book details. 
  • If you write a review of the book on your blog, you can add the link at the time of adding the book. More eyes on your review and it impacts your ReaderBoard ranking! 
  • Verify your position on the ReaderBoard. It's dynamic and shows how you're doing in relation to other participants in the challenge. Just the shot of inspiration you occasionally need. Handy tip: your ranking is positively impacted by the visiting, reading and sharing you do of the other people's #TBRChallenge review posts. 
  • Look at the books that other people are reading; they are listed on their profiles. You can get great recommendations and it could spark a discussion! 
  • Participate in book-related postings by visiting the BlogRolls listed under the BookChatter category to find new book blogger friends! 
  • Follow the hashtag #TBRChallenge on our social media platforms to stay up to speed
  • In the review section you may find books to read and review while earning reward points.
  • Participate in the monthly #TBRChallenge activities. There are cool giveaways too. Read below to know how you can be part of the monthly bookish fun.


The #TBRChallenge has easy rules.

  • Decide on a reading target for the year. 
  • If you write any blog post around #TBRChallenge for the year, include the required phrase "I'm participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter" and hyperlink it to the following URL:
  • Don't forget to tag us, add your posts to BogRolls, and share it.
  • To qualify for reward points and stickers on reaching your reading goal, update your reading progress frequently.

How to Participate in the Monthly #TBRChallenge Activities

Every month, we have exciting activities lined up for the readers of the community. This is your chance to talk about the books in specific genres, formats, give book recomendations, test your bookish knowledge and connect with other readers. 

Here is the calendar for 2024.


  • The activity of the month would be announced on the 1st on our socials.
  • You can write blog posts, create an Instagram Reel or post a Thread on X, based on your platform preference. Just use the hashtag #TBRChallenge and tag @blogchatter fo your entry to be registered with us.
  • Engage on others' posts. After all, the fun is in connecting, right!
  • There will be winners every month (announced in the first week of the next month) who will get books from us or encashable reawrd points in their wallet for their participation.

To see January entries from the community, click here.

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June's activity - Short Stories

This month, tell us about a standalone short story or a collection of stories that you have read. Psst: June is Pride Month, so feel free to pick a queer read.

We hope you have a lot of fun reading, flaunting the books read in your profile, checking your ReaderBoard ranking, sharing reviews of the books you have read, being part of the monthly activities and win goodies.

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