Each year, we try to improve our tracks based on the feedback you give us and CauseAChatter has seen a scale up too.

If you're thinking of being a part of CauseAChatter in 2023, but have a lot of questions, we could help clear them for you. Let's go!

What is all this about getting 1% awesome daily?

Change begins at the grassroot level. The Power of Tiny Gains includes all those little efforts we do that have a larger impact overall. It begins with the smallest things. We have a list that is definitely not exhaustive, but it's somewhere to begin if you are clueless.

Take a look here if you're wondering how you can also do that 1%.

Is there registration for CauseAChatter 2023?

Registrations are open as usual on your dashboard. Check here. This time we have registrations only once a year and not quarterly.

What about quarterly targets?

We won’t have any quarterly targets, registrations or quarterly reward points. 

How will we measure what you do, if there are no targets?

Please use the hashtag #CauseAChatter and tag Blogchatter on socials if you are doing anything related to the track. That is the only way we can measure the impact.

Is associating with Rang De mandatory?

It is not mandatory, but it’s a great way to scale up your involvement as a CauseAChatter advocate.

Do I need to invest in a cause with Rang De to get involved?

No. Investing in any cause is a completely personal choice. We cannot give you advice on whether to invest or how much to invest. You can spread word about Rang De, elaborate on any of the causes that touched you, cover one of their impact stories and so on.

There are multiple ways you can create content around Rang De and still be involved, get featured on their socials and newsletter, etc. 

Is Dear Diary anoynymous?

It is completely anonymous. You just have to send your written diary entry (on anything. Consider us a blank page of your diary) and we will record it without adding any names.

What is CauseAChatter story?

If you have a personal story around a cause, an experience, something that makes you who you are that you want to share with the world, you can send it to us. It can also be a story of someone you know. We will then get in touch with you, discuss more and get you featured on our site. Your story can impact several others.

You can read more about it here.

When do registrations close?

In September. Make sure you spread out whatever content you create throughout the year and not accumulate it for the last few days. This is the only way you can personally take that 1% journey of the Power Of Tiny Gains with us and measure its impact.

What do the bloggers who participate get?

We will definitely be measuring your participation throughout the year. 

To earn 500 reward points+sticker+a certificate, you will need to at least finish 5 out of these 7 activities:

  • 1. Post 1 blog post around Rang De
  • 2. Share 1 Dear Diary entry with us
  • 3. Contribute a CauseAChatter story
  • 4. Write 3 blog posts around your favourite causes throughout the year
  • 5. Make 1 YT video/reel on your favourite causes
  • 6. Read and share at least 6 posts from community on CauseAChatter 
  • 7. Pick any 3 activities from our prompts or choose your own and complete them. (This is one line item)

Are there any resources for me to read and understand more about everything CauseAChatter this year?

You can find all links in this document here.


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