Many of us love talking to our diaries - about the most mundane things to the deepest secrets or some of our best and not so best times.

Putting thoughts into words gives us perspective, clears our mind and it feels like talking to a friend. Taking it to the next level, what if that friend was the world, an audience and you could anonymously share your thoughts and listen to what others say too?

That’s how the idea for Dear Diary came in.

Diary entries let us enter an emotional territory and perceive the world in a very different, intensive way. 

Voicing our thoughts is essential to our life story. Diary entries are just a more candid way to do so.

What can you talk about in the diary entry you send us:

You can talk about your day, share a CauseAChatter kinda story (check CauseAChatter stories here), share a random incident or a more personal one, talk about things you find it hard to share where everyone knows you, and so on.

Think of Dear Diary as an extended Blogchatter friend who would safeguard your thoughts, whilst giving them the voice they truly deserve.

How to participate:

Just mail us your written entries at or Additionally, if you feel more comfortable talking to your nearest Blogchatter team member, you can share through them too. 

Listen to other Dear Diary entries:

Khaana Aur Kahaniyaan: (Hindi)

Khaana banana ek kala hai...bhook mitana bhi ek kala hai...


Bloopers and Laughter:

Laughter is the best medicine; here's an incident that is a bit embarrassing and humorous too...

Super fun day with the new cousin’s crew: (Tamil)

A special day that turned out to be something more. Making friends in the unlikliest of places... The journey of a cousin's crew turned into a friends squad.

Fixing the monster-in-law:

"It’s been 10 years since I married and left the comfort of my mother’s home....."
What has it been like since then? Listen to know.

Gaudy gold and a typical Indian wedding:

A lot goes into planning a wedding, especially in India. Rituals, customs, traditions- what more to keep in mind? Listen in and get a glimpse of a typical Indian wedding...


The Writing Journey:

Writing can be therapeutic, feeding our souls. What goes on in a writer's mind? Listen to know more...

Naani's Bhindi:

Some things stay with us for the longest time- the smell of fresh lime in summers, the first bite of gajak in winter or garma garam roti and bhindi - the simplest dish that has the ability to transport you to a nostalgic realm, like this Dear Diary entry will.

The Bad Day:

Some days are just bad. No silver lining, no life lesson hidden. Just bad. Our diary at the end of such days seem like a non judgmental listening ear. Don't we all need that at times?

The Vale:

Oh gosh! The perfect plan when comes true seems surreal. This Dear Diary entry has a drive, a mountain view, delicious food and even getting lost along the way...

On societal pressure: (Assamese)



When your heart and trust is shattered into a billion pieces and trampled upon, you go through metamorphosis.

Waiting for my ikigai:

Finding our ikigai is a process...


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