The fashion industry is responsible for approximately 10% of our greenhouse gas emissions. We have been hearing about the perils of fast fashion and how mix-and-match and upcycling old clothes could be a solution to this. Another solution to this issue appears to be thrift shopping.

Preloved clothes are when you buy happiness and give them away, and new owners are encouraged to try creative DIY hacks. Additionally, buying second hand clothing reduces one's carbon footprint, making it a sustainable substitute for rapid fashion.

A team conversation sparked our curiousity and that was the inception of the campaign #ThriftingIsCool via which we and our community shared thrifting stories and fond memories. Jayshree Bhagat from our community shared how thrifting is something she absolutely loves and has taken to another level. 

So we invited her for a podcast to decode thrifting a little more.

“The concept that someone can swap their entire wardrobe every season by selling clothes that they choose to wear only once can solve existing environmental issues”

says Jayshree as she believes in taking care of mother nature and choosing a sustainable lifestyle. She has a thrifting community on Facebook with more than 500 members who believe in preloved shopping. You too can join her group and begin upcycling your wardrobe: Preloved to Reloved (India)

She strongly believes that social media influencers and celebrities can influence people to follow steps to a sustainable wardrobe by looking through their present closets and reassessing what they already own.

Without further ado, let's dive into the conversation we had with her: