Stories connect us.

We've heard that time and again and experienced it too. Each time we hear someone open up about their journey, about achievements they've never spoken about, a second of epiphany or that moment when they decided to rise above a struggle, something stirs inside us, inspiring us, giving us a gentle push, and the courage to speak our story too, because it matters.

Ever since the inception of Blogchatter, we have been all about people. Just recently we asked the community what they thought Blogchatter's philosophy was and most of the answers were around growth, inclusivity and empowerment. 

CauseAChatter has been growing with all of you talking about causes close to your heart and we thought introducing CauseAChatter stories would be a great way to get to know you better. 

What you can do to be a part of this

1. If you have a personal story around a cause, an experience, something that makes you who you are that you want to share with the world, you can send it to us.

2. Send in stories of people around you, or someone who has impacted you. Be sure to take their consent if you're using their name or specifics.

What kind of stories are we looking for?

The stories can be something personal that you want to share- of a situation you overcame, of work you've done around a cause, of something in life that impacted you and so on. To put it in one sentence, showcasing real life stories that make us human and inspire others is what CauseAChatter stories is about.

What we will do

The story you share will be featured on our site and promoted on socials. 

How will this help?

1. It gives an opportunity to highlight everyday heroes.

2. It keeps hope alive to hear real life stories.

3. You'll be surprised to see how sharing in a community helps us with personal growth too!

4. You will be part of a larger cause that celebrates inclusivity.

Reach out to or with the story you want to share. You can also personally reach out to a team member.

Please note:

Make sure your story has an overall theme to it and a concluding message that's the takeaway. If you're unsure about how to structure your story or you have an idea that you're unable to put to words, you can always reach out to us for brainstorming. 

Stories are more than just about reading and listening. They are an instrument that helps us connect better with the world, gain a deeper understanding of life and are a fundamental part of being human. 

So, let's talk about you?

Take a look at the stories that are live so far!

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