2023 at CauseAChatter will be celebrating “The Power of Tiny Gains” through continuous improvement: an everyday journey we will be taking with you, making 1% better decisions to become stakeholders in our society and more responsible global citizens.

We convince ourselves that change is meaningful only when it is larger than life with a very visible outcome to it. Growing into a better version of ourselves by 1% daily may not be noticeable right away but is just as meaningful in the long run.

Because of your 1% something somewhere in the world is a little better.

There are various ways you can be involved. The list is endless, but we’ve tried to cover a few for you:

  • Scale up your CauseAChatter involvement and get involved in an inclusive way, by becoming a part of our association with Rang De. Read more here.   Also visit the Rang De website for more. We will be introducing more such organizations over the course of the year.
  • Share a slice of your life and we’ll add it anonymously to our diary in our “Dear Diary” initiative . Read more about it here.
  • Create a social media post with an alt description (describe the photo in caption) so it’s accessible for someone with visual impairment.
  • Tweet about something you did for your mental health today. 
  • Share someone’s CauseAChatter blog post on social media with a meaningful comment.
  • Educate yourself on a topic around a cause via a book, movie, blog post, etc.
  • Buy and nurture a house plant.
  • Visit an animal shelter and learn about their rescue work (it could inspire your next CauseAChatter post).
  • Feed a stray animal.
  • Visit an NGO of your choice, listen to their stories and maybe share your experience via a Reel or blog post.
  • Make a small donation to a cause you support to celebrate a special day in your life.
  • Share with us an experience/your story of overcoming something and we’ll feature you on CauseAChatter story. Read more here.
  • Share an article you read to educate yourself on a cause you’re learning about.
  • Sign a petition for a cause you care about.
  • Visit a hospital/nursing home/old age home and spend some time.
  • Buy a meal for a homeless person.
  • Have a conversation over chai with your domestic worker. 
  • Teach someone about a cause you’re passionate about.
  • Give a shoutout to an organization that’s doing an impressive job.
  • Collect Rs. 100 each from family/friends to make a donation towards a cause.
  • Write a blog post on your gardening journey.
  • Carry a tiffin box to bring back leftover food from your meal at the restaurant.
  • Carry a cloth bag for shopping.
  • Buy something from a thrift store.
  • Start a small cleaning drive in your society/ nearby park.
  • Take up a free course on a social cause. Check these out if you wish. Here are two examples: Gender and Sexuality: Applications in Society, Introduction to digital Humanities.
  • Choose an impact story from Rangde - Talk about it in a blog post to raise awareness.
  • Try creating a piece of art that depicts a cause (Can be any form of art)
  • Make a compost pot on your balcony.
  • Speak to a sibling/friend about sex education.
  • Learn about gender pronouns, perhaps add pronouns to your social media bio
  • Write one page in your journal for your mental health.
  • Teach classes/a class for underprivileged kids on a skill you have.
  • DIY to upcycle an item at home.
  • Collaborate with a fellow CauseAChatter champion and do a live/blog post together/podcast on a cause related topic
  • Plant saplings in/around your society.
  • Curate a small social media campaign on your social platform for a local NGO you support. (Reach out to us for help)
  • Make a reel about a cause you love.
  • Talk about a green product you are using. 
  • Use a form of art/DIY to depict a social cause.

This is the tip of the iceberg. There are several things you can do to get better by just 1% everyday. 

How you can be an active part of CauseAChatter this year

  • Pick any of the line items mentioned above or choose your own.
  • Bring it to action. You can either document it personally or choose to talk about it on socials/share with a team member. Ideally the latter option helps us highlight your little victories better and inspire others too.
  • You can scale up your CauseAChatter game further and become a social entrepreneur by investing with and joining the journey with Blogchatter and Rang De.
  • You can share a Dear Diary entry and encourage someone to share a slice of their life too- anonymously.
  • Also, do read the guidelines before you begin your CauseAChatter journey. Check them out here.

What will you get if you are an active participant of CauseAChatter this year?

We will definitely be measuring your participation throughout the year. 

To earn 500 reward points+sticker+a certificate, you will need to at least finish 5 out of these 7 line items:

  • 1. Post 1 blog post around Rang De
  • 2. Share 1 Dear Diary entry with us
  • 3. Contribute a CauseAChatter story
  • 4. Write 3 blog posts around your favourite causes throughout the year
  • 5. Make 1 YT video/reel on your favourite causes
  • 6. Read and share at least 6 posts from community on CauseAChatter. Tag blogchatter and use the hashtag so we know
  • 7. Pick any 3 activities from our above mentioned prompts or choose your own and complete them. (This is considered as one line item)

There won’t be quarterly targets to complete this year. It is going to be a journey of us and you becoming more socially aware day by day and mastering the art of continuous improvement.


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