When we curate content around social issues, share experiences, or spread awareness around a topic, these posts become resources for people like you and us looking around the internet to learn more. Therefore it becomes crucial for us to know our facts, cross check them with credible sources, provide disclaimers where needed, use sensitive and inclusive language.

For the best experience you can have with CauseAChatter for both yourself and your audience, we have curated a list of guidelines to help.

Guidelines for curating great content on CauseAChatter

  • Set small doable goals for each quarter and assess them at the end. (We’ll help)

  • Use credible resources and mention them. This is important because once you choose to speak on a cause, you are an advocate for it. People looking for information might land on your site or reach your social media profile. You want to make sure that what you put out is genuine and helpful so your authenticity stands out and a real impact is made. 

  •  Use a simple disclaimer wherever necessary. Especially to be used when you write about personal mental health tips, for instance. Example of a disclaimer for a post you may have written on mental health that contains topics of mental illness/treatments:  "Views expressed in this post are personal and for reading purpose only. They're not medical advice. Each individual's experience may vary. Please consult a professional if you need help." 

  • Use trigger warnings before your posts in case you've mentioned sensitive topics such as self-harm, abuse, etc. Example: "Trigger warning- may contain self-harm topics." 

  •  Keep yourself updated on news around the causes you write about.

  • While writing a post, remember it should be clear, concise with a takeaway and a call to action. 

  • Minimum 350-400 words.

  • The usual mandatory line. “This post is part of Blogchatter’s CauseAChatter.” Link it back to our site. Remember to add the link here

  • Take part in some of the simple activities we have for CauseAChatter.  To stay in the loop, join our WhatsApp group here.

  • Keep in mind that a few posts that have included all guidelines will be picked and promoted on our channels each month. We love us some active community peeps!

All in all, remember that in the process of curating content on social causes, you are becoming an advocate for it. Let us strive to become the best ones!

Once you're all clear, go to your dashboard to select your causes, fill in your goal and begin your journey with us!