86% of India’s eligible population does not have access to formal credit.

Rang De is a social organization pioneering in the field of social investing in India. 

The organization has taken the initiative to invest in unbanked individuals. Rang De’s co-founders Ram and Smita felt that credit could play a transformative role in ending poverty. And so, they set their sights on addressing affordability and access. With their initiative towards social investing, they enable passionate people like us and you to lend to unbanked farmers, artisans and entrepreneurs and help kickstart, sustain and grow their livelihoods.

Doing so contributes to financial inclusion.

Rang De’s processes are very simple and transparent. Everything that you as a social investor would need to know is here. Right from being able to choose your investees, to what happens behind the scenes in the organization.

Not an NGO!

Rang De is not an NGO or a crowdfunding platform. It is an RBI regulated NBFC P2P platform. The platform earns revenues through platform access fees paid by their impact partners. The impact partners pay a one time setup fee at the time of their onboarding and an annual recurring fee. Read more here. Rang De also provides credit access at the lowest rate, along with flexibility for the investees to choose exactly when and how much they want to borrow.

What would your role be?

As a social investor, you can choose a cause from the impact stories on their website and you can choose to invest an amount of your choice too - as low as Rs. 100. Once the loan is fully funded, it is transferred to the investee's bank account. According to the repayment schedule, the investee repays the loan and social investers receive these in the form of Rang De credit. Meanwhile you can track this on your Rang De dashboard.

You can earn upto 10% flat per annum through your investments. This varies based on the investees and funds that you invest in. All these details will be clearly visible for you to make an informed decision. 

When the repayment is done, you can reinvest or withdraw - it is up to you. To choose an investee and begin, click here.

Through this process, you can create impact while earning returns.

How do you go about the journey

As a CauseAChatter advocate, if you choose to invest with Rang De you will get exclusive access to sessions with the Rang De Team and us, hear their stories first hand, understand what happens, and maybe even talk to the social investors involved in the cause you’ve chosen to support, based on their availability. 

There will be monthly review calls to keep you updated and help you curate the best content. Meanwhile, you can also go through the guidelines before you begin. Check them out here.

What does this mean for your CauseAChatter journey?

Once you begin your journey with us and Rang De, you can curate blog posts, social media posts highlighting your learnings, the cause you have invested in, the stories shared with you, so on and so forth. You can get creative with various topics under the same cause.

If you're not sure about investing, you can also be a part of our journey with Rang De by just learning through the impact stories on their blog (check here) and writing about them on yours.

Some of the best posts from the community will be highlighted on Rang De's platform and newsletter.

The idea is for you to get closely involved with a cause, someone's story of growth and really invest in change while transforming your role into that of a social entrepreneur.

Get in touch with Team Blogchatter at leha@theblogchatter.com or hola@theblogchatter.com or directly contact your nearest team member for further guidance.

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Disclaimer: Blogchatter is Rang De's blogging partner and a medium to enable content creators to scale up their social cause involvement by curating impactful stories. While we will help you connect with the right people and drive those conversations, the investments you make would be at your personal risk, any charges thereby won't be borne by us.