Hello Blogchatter waalo...Wish you a warm and Happy New Year. May all your dreams come true this year as you connect, grow and earn more with us. As always we are excited to share our new calendar and all that's more exciting and wonderful in 2024. This time we have planned to keep more time to enjoy the activities we do during the year and review how they are impacting the content creation journey.

Tete-a-Tete with the A-Team

Beginning the year with Team Live, the A-Team is gearing up to come back to their work desks after the New Year celebrations. Taking up new work assignments, updating To-Do lists and making new Excel sheets are a few favourite tasks at Blogchatter. Nevertheless, we have many new things to discuss with you all during the live session and know everyone's plans too.

A Writing schedule is important

February starts with our writing campaign Write A Page A Day. After the laziness of the celebrations and cosying up with books and blankets, it's time to get back to your writing routine and that's why this campaign marks the beginning of yet another productive year

In this campaign, you have to write 10000 words in 28 days and you can write on any platform of your choice whether digital or paper. We will follow your daily tweets of words written with the correct hashtag. Simple?

More details will be out closer to the date.

Blogchatter loves to get a year older

Growing older with the community is the best thing that can happen to us. Yessss, this year we turn 8 years old and we are counting all the love and warmth we have received from all of you in these years. And, this is not all, be ready for sweet surprises because no celebration is complete without your involvement.

It's time to get back to work

Content creation needs discipline and that's when you sign up for Blogchatter A2Z Campaign. It is one of the oldest campaigns we are continuing with and believe us it's the favourite of all. So many new friendships are made and old friendships are revived during this campaign.  

You write for 26 days in April barring all Sundays with one alphabet a day starting with A and finishing with Z. It's fun to engage on your fellow blogger's posts whenever your schedule permits.

Know more about the campaign once the registration starts.

Let's connect over food

We are very excited to launch a new campaign this year and that's called Blogchatter Food Fest. Feeling hungry? Well well well...the highlights will be revealed closer to the date but we promise to host it in June. So be prepared to wear your chef hats and flaunt your dishes. And if you are not a fan of cooking, we hear you. There's something for you too in the campaign so rest assured that we will not tell you to cook and post recipe videos!

Keep following our social channels for more details or you can always reach out to the nearest team member.

We love to make Reels

July will keep you hooked with the 15 Days Reels Challenge. Over the years we have seen so many interesting Reels being made because of the challenge and we simply love the way every community member picks up the challenge to learn a new skill. 

You make 10 Reels of your choice in 15 days and post them on your Instagram tagging us with the right hashtag. You may or may not use the prompts we give.

Writing challenges are always fun

Coming back to writing, we have Blogchatter Half Marathon in August where you write 10 posts in 15 days. This is another favourite campaign of our community where you write but with ease and get a chance to stick to your writing schedule. After experimenting with video making, this campaign gives your creative juices a boost. 

More information will be revealed closer to the date.

The launch of Anthology at the Retreat

The launch of Anthology in Varanasi was a huge hit turning our small stay into an extravaganza event. It was mesmerizing to sit by the Ghats of Ganga and read aloud the excerpts from the book. Our guest of honour also addressed the writers with a dose of motivation and appreciated their creativity.

This year also we are planning our next Anthology launch during the Blogchatter Retreat. A different genre for Anthology and a new venue for the retreat will be announced closer to the date.

Blogchatter Half Marathon Part 2

This time we have planned to host this campaign twice so that our writing habit sticks to our discipline before the year ends and we go into lazy dreamy mode. The campaign will wrap up in November with the same rules. Keep an eye on more details as we approach November.

That's all from our side. It was fun revealing the activities of the year in one go and we are looking forward to your participation in all of the above. Feel free to suggest and add your comments. You know we love to hear your feedback and amend them in our rules book.