Reading More is one of the common New Year Resolutions people have. And why not? Reading is a stress buster and as we all know, stories are the stuff the Universe is made of. The best reason is that reading is the basic tool of writers. And yes, you do learn things and gain a wider perspective. 

The way to get more reading done in our busy lives is to commit to it. While many of us think that reading is meant to be enjoyable and not a challenge to chase, the truth is that we still rue the lost opportunities to read and our rising TBRs.  

In 2021, we bring the power of community and our thorough planning to help you crush your TBR, read more, talk about those books more and share the love of reading with a large group of like-minded people who are as passionate about books as you are! 

Now that we have convinced you to take part in Blogchatter Reading Challenge, why dont you click here and register. 

Too good to be true? Here's the deal. 

1. Flex your muscles, roll up your sleeves and say aloud, 'I resolve to read more this year'.
2. Think in terms of goals and numbers. What's the number of books you would like to read?
3. Briefly think of All the books you have wanted to read, of the ones that are stashed away in your room, of the ones in your online shopping cart or the ones you have marked 'Want to Read'. This should spur you on. 
4. As soon as the magic number appears in your mind, login to the website, go to your dashboard and check out Reading Challenge. Here's where you write that number. 
5. Go through the Terms and Conditions, accept them and voila, you are done! 
6. Congratulations, you are now part of the elite #TBRChallenge. 

Terms and Conditions of #TBRChallenge or Blogchatter Reading Challenge 2021

1. Your profile on the Blogchatter website should be complete in all respects. 
2. The Reading Challenge is available right on your dashboard.
3. Put a numeric value for the books you want to read in the current year. The goal is for the entire year. 
4. You can upload covers of the books in your Dashboard as you finish reading them and also share your progress on social channels. 
5. There are no prompts or restrictions on genres. Create your own list and stick to it.
6. To begin, write a blogpost about the Reading Challenge, mention the mandatory line, 'I'm participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter' and backlink #TBRChallenge to ( Don't forget to share the post, add it to BlogRolls and tag us.  
7  Participate in the monthly check-ins to update your score. 
8. If you want to edit your reading goal, you can contact Blogchatter team members. Since we would consider only a 5% increase or decrease in the goal, we ask you to be mindful and realistic while setting your target. 
8. Interact with others who are doing the Reading Challenge and cheer them on. 

If you have any queries now or later, reach out to (general) or (technical).

Happy happy reading, all through the year!