Aren’t we bloggers also writers and aspiring authors? All we need is a platform and it is BlogchatterEBook Carnival that gives writers of the community a chance to be published.

There’s extensive guidance on all aspects that go into publishing, be it content, formatting, book covers or the final presentation. There is plenty of handholding when it comes to book promotion and marketing. In fact, BlogchatterEBook carnival helps writers test the waters and get early feedback on their books.

The books are published and listed for a short mandatory on Blogchatter website. After that, the ebook authors are free to publish on other platforms such as Amazon or pitch their manuscripts to traditional publishers.

When: May - June (watch out for announcements on our channels)

Registrations: Open in April

Eligibility: Blogchatter community member

Requirements: Manuscript 10 k - 50 k words with basic formatting on MS Word, can be any genre. The material could be previously published, but only on your own website.

What to expect

The ebook would be published during BlogchatterEBook Carnival with a launch followed by a month of book promotion activities. Every published ebook would be read and reviewed by community members.

The ebook would be available for free download on Blogchatter platform for the period of the carnival.

You can read the FAQs for the carnival here.

 Why should you register for BlogchatterEBook carnival?

  • A published book is the door to many opportunities.
  • It is a way to establish thought leadership for bloggers.
  • A published book lends credibility to the subject and the blogger / author.
  • Get beta readers for your book in the community.
  • Book reviews act as feedback and as further promotion of the book.
  • Connection with a large and supportive ebook community.
  • Helps the authors understand the market and demand for that particular genre.

28 ebooks were published in the year 2022 under BlogchatterEBook!

You can go through all our ebooks here.