We launched our Blogchatter Ebook Carnival earlier this month. And you can read about our Pre-launch buzz here.

We are very happy and proud to welcome Chitra B. Divakaruni as our Good Will ambassador for Blogchatter Ebook Carnival!!


Chitra B. Divakaruni is an award winning Kolkata born author, poet and professor (at University of Houston) whose notable works include  -Before We Visit the Goddess;’Leaving Yuba City; Arranged Marriage; The Mistress of Spices; Sister of My Heart; Palace of Illusions; The Conch Bearer; One Amazing Thing; Oleander Girl; The Mirror of Fire and Dreaming.

Most of her stories and novels have now been converted into onscreen plays, movies and TV series.

What is a Good Will ambassador?

As Blogchatter’s Ebook Carnival good will ambassador our members can ask her questions, views and suggestions on their works or future of their works anytime over twitter or facebook.

To assist further she will also be holding a special chat session with us for same. Time and date of which will be communicated soon.

So like most of you have decided to champion the cause of blogging through your ebooks, she has taken it up to champion your cause of making your content more than what it really began to be.

For rules and details you can read up our pre-launch post.

If you still want to list your ebook you can do so by writing us an email at [email protected]

Ebook Listings in alphabetical order

Aditi Kaushiva- 26

About the Authoraditi kaushiva- 26 stories (1)

A Finance Management graduate, Aditi Kaushiva, is a freelance writer, blogger, dancer, travel junkie and foodie. She recently entered the world of indie publishing by authoring an anthology of flash fiction, and is currently working on a full-length novel. She is also the co-founder of The Dance Bible, an online platform for dance enthusiasts.

26: 26 Stories. 26 Colours. 26 Emotions, is an anthology that strives to explore the myriad hues of life by painting 26 bite-sized stories, each based on 26 colours which commence with every letter of the alphabet from A to Z. The themes developed in these stories range from marital despair to urban city-life blues, from love to loss, from child abuse to infidelity, divorce, and much more.

Book has been reviewed by Modern Gypsy

Chandni Moudgil- Got me for Life

eBook CoverAbout the author

Chandni Moudgil is a working mother trying to attain the nonexistent professional and personal balance. She took up blogging as a means to build her life in the third dimension. As she marches on to create something that she terms as ‘Digital identity’, she’s found her first book along the journey. Open to criticism or conversations albeit over coffee, you can find her tweeting about her LifeInTechnicolour or blogging about everything under the sun at her alternate reality space.

Every Day Stories about some extra ordinary women. A bored housewife plans the perfect escape , an ambitious top performer gets double crossed by life , a young girl harbours a secret that’s eating her up inside . Turn the pages to discover the world of Everyday Women and don’t be surprised if you see someone you know in there.

Book has been reviewed by Maggie,

Dixita Mour- A to Z Scribbles

atozscribbleAbout the Author

A to Z Scribbles, is her first eBook written at the age of 20. She is student by profession completing her master’s degree in Commerce. She is a reader, writer and a blogger. (dixita011.wordpress.com)
Apart from this she loves making handicrafts, and teaching to students during her free time.

The book is a goldmine of fascinating blog posts that she wrote in her blog (dixita011.wordpress.com) during the A Z Challenge 2016. It is a magic box which has different types of genres combined all together to entertain the readers.



Felicia Nazareth- Wedding Checklist

FeliciaAbout the Author

Felicia is a teacher by profession. She writes at Wedding Maniac and Confused Mango. Apart from this, she also is a singer and is currently on her way to become a YouTube Cover Artist. She is also a seamstress, influencer, writer, theatre actor and a wedding expert. Her life motto is “You Only Live Once, So Live It To The Fullest” and she is living by it every day of her life. You can find her and connect with her through her social media channels (check her blogs).

Here is a wedding checklist that will help you to plan your wedding in a less stressful way. This wedding checklist helps you manage your wedding details and will keep you on track. From flowers to food to dresses to people, everything is covered in this wedding checklist. She has simplified everything to make wedding planning easier and fun. You can PRINT THIS OUT and use it for your wedding planning.

Gauravi Saini- Bematlab Ki Baatein

Gauravi SainiAbout the Author

She had really great curly hair, the real Maggie ones but then chopped them off thinking she needed a change and now she is waiting every day for them to grow back. Indecisive, impulsive and unsure, promised herself in 2012 that will take life head-on. So, she is trying.

Hit her up with a ‘Hi’ on her yesterday born blog chaiaurbiscuit !!!

Though composed in to a book overnight, these 15 were certainly not written over a night. Things hit her real soon, and when things hit, they stick, and when they stick – they come out as poems. Therefore, out of hundred others, these are the 15 things that have hit her.

But these are no important 15 things. She could locate only 15, therefore could put only 15 together in an e-book. But yes, you guessed it right, each of them has a story to it.

Book has been reviewed by Namrata

Kadambari Singh- The Wink, The Smiles & The Butterflies

Kadambari SinghAbout the Author

A management graduate, with over 7 years experience in various fields from teaching to banking, from operations to sales. Presently working as a marketing professional, exploring branding and social media marketing.

Believes hard work is the key to everything and draws inspiration from people who are self-made. Still thinks the best way to spend a day is sitting beside a window. Loves watching movies, listening to songs.

Started Blogging as she wanted to write and now it makes her want to write more. It has been a great learning experience and is constantly teaching her more.

You can always reach her at @thefuschialady over twitter.

The winks, the smiles and the butterflies is a collection of short romantic stories.  Most of the stories were part of the 7th Edition of April AtoZ daily blogging challenge taken up at her Blog with theme as memoirs. While reading these stories will surely make you remember your days.

Karan Shah- Human Being

                       By Character
                       Not by Words

karan shah- human beingAbout the Author

Karan Shah is a corporate lawyer and a freelance writer. A poet at heart, all his writings have a beautiful rhythm and rhyme, even the most prosaic ones. Co-editor of the college magazine, scribble is his blog where he makes the arguments he usually can’t make in Court. If not seen arguing at either of the places, often trekking and travelling, exploring new places.He is from a small valley town of Roha in western Maharashtra and currently he stays in Mumbai.

Some of us put up a brave fight and try and live life on our own terms, while sadly the majority resigns to the fact that they have to accept whatever life throws at them and keep moving. Here author attempts to dissect human life trying to reason that even if people have to accept the fate it has to be with dignity and not with a sense of defeat.

Book has been reviewed by Maggie

Maggie- Through a Stranger’s Eyes

cover picture (1)About the Author

Writer by day, writer by night. With an eternal love for words, Maggie set out on what has been an unending love affair with the alphabet. The 2 AM Writer started as a way to let out the inner writer who usually wakes up at odd hours. Lots of erratic breaks from blogging have only cemented her belief that Maggie needs her blog like she needs her morning cup of coffee; in big doses and regularly.

With ‘Through a stranger’s eyes’ Maggie chronicles some eventful and some mundane happenings in her life that have shaped her personality.

Book has been reviewed by Aditi


Mansi And Yuimi- Two Hundred

mansi deo-two hundredAbout the authors

Mansi Laus Deo: Mansi is a Bio-medical engineer and a business marketing professional. After “Laus Deo” getting misunderstood as her pen name, she decided to keep it, and hence, Mansi Laus Deo came into existence giving full credit of her work to the almighty. She wishes to launch her literary magazine one day.

Yuimi Vashum: Growing up amidst the mountains and the rivers, Yuimi Vashum is a passionate writer from North East India 

Determined to keep the stories of her people alive, of her life, and the struggles she grew up with, she wanted to become a writer. Currently, she is working on her non-fiction on the WW II.


Two hundred is a work of fun and painstaking creation and curation of twisted terribly short stories. Some of them are spooky, some funny, some simply amusing, but all of them are twisted. Two Hundred is the first in series of such anthologies — completely crowd sourced and totally replicatable.

Modern Gypsy- The Art of Journaling

CivxcomWkAAdakY.jpg largeAbout the author

Shinjini, a.k.a. Modern Gyspsy, is an editor by day and an artist by night. Intensely passionate about creativity and art, she’s an avid art journaler, mixed media painter and digital artist. She also enjoys reading, travel, music, spirituality, and experimenting with food. You can find her sharing her latest inspirations, how-tos, book reviews, and artistic creations on her blog Modern Gypsy and on Instagram. She conducts in-person art journaling and intuitive painting classes in Delhi and Gurgaon.

Demystifying art journals – one alphabet at a time.

Take everything you ever learnt or thought about art and throw it out the window. In an art journal, there are no rules – it’s all about fun, exploration, and painty play. Join writer, art enthusiast, and photographer Shinjini on an exciting journey into the world of art journals. Chock full of helpful hints, tips, and step-by-step how-tos, this interactive eBook is designed for the beginner who has few or no supplies, and who may have limited access to all the gorgeous, “must have” supplies that seem to be released almost every day.

Namrata Kumari-  Change your Beliefs to Change your Reality

51qxNh8FYcL._SX311_BO1,204,203,200_About the author

Namrata is an author by passion and apart from her day job, she spends her time studying human behavior and psychology. After finding her way out of the work life depression and balancing work and passion together, she decided to help others of her kind to make a living and achieve their personal goals or follow their passion together. You can visit her blog at namratakumari.com to learn more about her.

The book is named as ‘Change Your Beliefs To Change Your Reality’ and is aimed at helping people to identify what is stopping them from bringing the most desired changes in life and also to eliminate delusional negative beliefs about oneself and the world.

It is a concise description of a 5 step method of eliminating our limiting core beliefs and win back the control over life.

Book has been reviewed by Ruchi

Nivedita N- Aerogramme and other Poems

AerogrammeAbout the Author

Nivedita N, a Hyderabadi has taken the yatra called poerty in 2007. He journey along with walks with poetry books include conversations with her muses over cups of chai or sitting near the Hussain Sagar Lake and a rendezvous with the historical figures. She currently resides in Milwaukee where she meets her muses over Caramel Coffee during Spring and Fall and hiberantes during Midwestern winters.

This book is a collection of the poems that have been read in poetry groups. Blame the group members if you find these ramblings nonsensical. Written in her journal, the poems are sign posts along the journey called ‘everyday’. This is an attempt to recapture the thoughts over a period of the years she lived away from home yet moved closer to it.

Book has been reviewed by Roms, Aditi,

Novemberschild- The Writing Workshop

Novembers childAbout the Author

Doctorate by education. In 2008, she turned a full time writer. An Editor (with a novel in her pot) and Research Analyst, she has written short stories (published in print) and translated Hindi stories into English those of Premchand. She is passionate about movies and to see my name on the big screen is a dream she lives with. Before the year ends, she wants to debut as an author. She is a fashion enthusiast from eye makeup to shoes to bags to lipsticks to hairdos to perfumes. Loves listening to music under a calm starry night. Reading literature soothes her soul.

She has a lot of opinions speaks her mind without sugar coating. She likes it random and searches for the unknown wanting to experience everything from the depths of despair to the temples of ecstasy. This ebook is a journey into that.

Purnendu Singh- Learning Photography

LearningPhotography-900x0About the Author

Puru is an IT Project Manager from Pune, India and an avid blogger. He is passionate about travel, photography, cinema and books. He blogs at Shadows Galore, Art House Cinema, The Mutinous Indian and Antarnaad.

An eBook based on his experiences of learning photography. This eBook explains photography not as an expert sees it but the way a novice learns it. The lessons are based on his posts on photography which have been published at Shadows Galore. This book will remain a work in progress and he will keep updating it with newer articles.

Book has been reviewed by Namrata


Ramya Rao- A Cup of Inspiration

A cup of inspiration- Ramya raoAbout the Author

An engineer by profession and a blogger by choice. A wordsmith, traveller,bibliophile and photographer the other times. I am a daughter, sister, and friend. Bangalore, India is where I reside.
Poems, fiction and book reviews I pen. I blog at Words & Me.

A collection of 30 poems that is filled with optimism and will inspire you to lead a better life.They are daily happenings, social issues, nature , all in all a small collection, but a complete package.



Ramya Rao- The Desi Backpack!


About the Author

An engineer by profession and a blogger by choice. A wordsmith, traveller,bibliophile and photographer the other times. I am a daughter, sister, and friend. Bangalore, India is where I reside.
Poems, fiction and book reviews I pen. I blog at Words & Me.

Travel stories and experiences. What India as a country offers to its seekers. Discussing what the tourism department must improve and what we as travelers can do. We shall go in the trains jam-filled with people, take an auto, fly and at time ride on an elephant like royals. She will take you to different places, from the magnificent palaces to sand glistened beaches. Meeting the good hearted tribes and the lecherous travel guides.

Ravish Mani- Make Success you Way Of Living

Make-Success-Your-Way-of-LivingAbout the Author

Ravish Mani is an ordinary guy, who loves helping others. He has been counseling people through mails and social media for last three years. By qualification, he’s an engineer but has been rendering the duties of a Business Strategist & Analyst for many years. He has more than 10 years of experience in corporate world.

This book will break the popular myth that doubt, fear, and failure are harmful while winning is good. In fact, it will ask you to trust your doubts, use fear for creativity, and learn from failures. On the other hand, it will present the negative side of winning and will ask you to give up sometimes to win.The central theme of the book is about the attitude with the core message that you can give your life a sudden U-turn just by changing your attitude towards it. It’s a guide to hone successful attitude.

Book has been reviewed by Namrata, Shalini, Ruchi

Reema Michelle- The Postbox

reema D'souza- A letterAbout the Author

An engineer by day and a blogger by night, Reema D’souza just loves to write. What started as a hobby to put out the numerous thoughts in her head, are all blog posts now. Apart from writing, reading, music, nature and sports are the other things she loves.

In this era of instant messages, it always feels good to receive a letter from someone. Writing a letter to someone is equally gratifying as well. Letters sometimes convey your deepest emotions. So each of the 26 letters, is a letter to someone or to something. The people or things that the letters are written to are a part of the author’s life. They are people whom she is lucky to have in her life, some who thought her lessons, some things that define her and some things that she just loves. A mix of good and bad, happy and sad, serious and funny, so be prepared for the ride.

Book has been reviewed by Ramya

Rohan Kachalia- Amorous Love At Racy Nights

Rohan CoverAbout the Author

Rohan Kachalia is an avid reader and writer who have a keen interest in reading fiction and writing stories which revolve around love. His blog, Pondering Two, which he coauthors with his wife, is a testimonial to the same. His short stories and poetries are published in various anthologies. Taking his writing to a next level, you will soon see his first paperback novel out in stores. You can reach him on: Twitter – @rohank01 or Instagram- kacrohan

The book, ‘Amorous Love At Racy Nights’, is a collection of 26 sensuous love poems. The poems in this book has an overall theme of love with the underlying currents of passion, trust, lust and all things that encompass the word called as ‘Love’.


Roma Gupta Sinha- Dare to Defy the Destiny

Ebook Cover (1)About the Author

Known to the world as Destiny’s Chosen Child, Roma is an automobile engineer who has successfully completed many global assignments, until she embraced her first love of writing full time as it satiated her soul.

Though writing for almost infinity now, a couple of years ago, she gave birth to her blog, ‘Straight from the Heart’ and is known for her prowess in candid portrayals of Real Life Tales and Poetic Compositions. Felicitated with numerous awards including Woman of the Year 2015, she continues to rule hearts, penning down her musings to touch and tinkle her readers’ souls and stay in their hearts forever.

“Dare to Defy the Destiny” is an eye-opening and thought provoking sail through the lives of 26 beautiful individuals, all like you and me. Swept by the tide of time and its vicious circumstances, they either dared to defy the destiny or perished under the burden of their unfulfilled dreams and societal pressures

This book illustrates True Poignant Rumblings of Indian masses, some heart wrenching while some undoubtedly motivating, with the aim to inspire each one of us to be the ‘Face of Change’ and put an end to all that our conscience fails to accept.

Book has been reviewed by Roms

Rohit Omar- The 7th Incarnation

Srirom- th incarnationAbout the Author

Rohit Omar (b. 1983) has done his Post graduation in Business Management from New-Delhi; it has given him a broad base from which to approach many topics. This is his first endeavor with world of words.
Reading has been his favorite pastime since childhood. Apart from reading he has his best interests in cooking, photography, playing cricket and snooker.

Rom, a relationship manager by profession, known as the philosophical guru among his circles, he maintains a rational outlook towards life searching for answers, of questions those are forbidden to ask or mention.
When a get together is organized by his roommate, a debate over Ram arises. Rom decides to clear the air and narrates the saga of Ram from Ramayana. Where dharma is different from religion.


Richa Singh- The Other Side of Love

The Other Side Of Love (1)About the Author

Though she has been writing (and being published) since the age of eleven, it was only when she discovered blogging that her writing found a permanent voice. If she is not found expressing her mood swings at her blog The Philospher’s Stone, then she would be for sure tweeting her lungs out 140 characters at a time on Twitter (@richa_singh).

She currently lives with her husband and seven fishes and many plants in Pune. Waiting for kingdom come.

She completed her novella as a part of an ongoing blogging challenge. When she had begun she had no idea it would garner such a positive response. Her aim is to write books of such nature that the reader becomes a better person at the end of it. She is hoping the same for this novella too.

Book has been reviewed by Reema, Shalini, Maggie, Modern Gypsy

Ruchi Verma- Colors of Parenting

colorsofparentingAbout the Author

Born & bought up in a wonderful happy family where her parents given her a beautiful and great childhood. A post graduate in MCA, after working as HR coordinator in HP now she is a happy domestic engineer who loves spending quality time with her family & kids. Passionate about Blogging, loves to explore places and cooking also part of her list. She believes that smile can heal all pains and family that eats together, stays together. 

This book is inspired by the upbringing she has received from her parents and in turn is now sharing her views to all parents out there. But she believes she has much more to do and gain, hence is in search of more knowledge.

Seeya Kudtarker- Finding Myself : Living My Life

Seeya CoverAbout the Author

Obsessed with her own name, Seeya comes from the very beautiful state of Goa. A compulsive reader as a kid, after having a stint in the software industry, she got married in a distant land and had no idea what to do with her life until she found her writing passion again. So, writing it is, that keeps her busy and thinking all day. As a kid, she always wrote her thoughts on her diaries, or pieces of paper when she was too lazy to fetch her diaries from her closet.

This ebook is her maiden attempt to show her writing skills to the people around. It is a compilation of articles written to self to get back to goals and living the life of her dream. Hence the title “ Finding Myself : Living My Life” . The writing is bold and fearless which intends to help herself, as well as the people around to achieve their desires fearlessly. Each article is unique and has utilised ordinary things to use to achieve your goals. Fiction, letters, frustration, funny side, all compressed into a book.  Sacrificing your passions for reasons best known to you has become common in today’s world.  Realising your passion and achieving it is the intention of this book.

Sai Swaroopa- Creators of Telugu Epic Literature

Telugu Epic poetsAbout the Author

Saiswaroopa Iyer is an investment professional turned author. Her interests include Indian history, epics, philosophy and literature. Trained in Carnatic Classical Music, she was also awarded a gold medal by Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanams for rendering Annamacharya kritis. Her debut work of Puranic fiction Abhaya is a reconstruction of the episode of Narakasura vadha from Bhagavatam. The soft version is available on Amazon. She is currently working on her next novel “The First Queen” based on an ancient Vedic legend.
She tweets at @Sai_swaroopa and can be contacted on [email protected]

This is a collection of five essays on the five Medieval Telugu poets who composed Ramayana, Mahabharata and Bhagavatam in Telugu. The essays give a bird’s eye view of the historical and socio political conditions that inspired each of the poets to compose the epics and are meant for any enthusiast with an eye for history, classical poetry and Indian philosophy. It is a part of Saiswaroopa’s ongoing research on various Telugu poets, the next one being on the Prabandha poets of the Vijayanagara period.

Shalini Sharma- Motivation & You

Shalini CoverAbout the Author

A literature student who’s a compulsive reader. Her aim is to complete her ever growing TBR list. She scribbles words only to calm her aching nerves down. Motive behind writing this book is to connect motivation not only with words but with you.

We are all living in a world full of negativity, almost habitual of it. Let’s introspect a little and realize we need to change, to beat negativity as it was never a choice. The only secret universe want us to master and survive on is – Positive Vibes.

Book has been reviewed by Roms, Ruchi