What started as an idea over a cup of coffee, saw reality only in a couple of months time. After some initial feedback from core community members, we put together a string of ideas together to create a retreat sketch.

Post on-boarding of Taj Gateway Resort Damdama Lake, we proceeded to engage an interesting line-up of speakers. And once all was in place, we launched the registration.

In two hours we were sold out ! Our mail inbox kept buzzing, our Twitter notifications constantly pinging and before we knew it twenty seats were gone. With many still wanting to sneak in.

The sprawling campus of Taj Gateway Resort Damdama Lake formed the perfect background to our retreat. With endless cups of tea-coffee, down to a sumptuous Lunch with a view and an engaging Resort Tour – we literally felt the characteristic Taj hospitality couldn’t go any better.

But we were wrong. They planned a special wine-cheese event for us. Free flowing wine and conversations coupled with a day’s worth of session talks – Blogchatter Retreat was much alive that night.

Over dinner, we binged on a special menu put together by Taj team. And in groups of five or six we huddled up to exchange life stories. Some heartbroken affairs, some incidents of strife and all of this with much cheering on from rest of team, our dinner was a scintillating affair.

Last session of our day was – Binge Creative Writing Session

We changed into our night clothes and walked back to the banquet hall – only to be much surprised that Team Taj had put together another round of drinks for us. This time specially curated – Chocolate-coffee martinis.

The session started off with discussions on Monetization of blog, etc and well- after a few drinks went onto live SWOTs of participants’ life ! ????

Next day started early for us. A six thirty session on Functional fitness.

Lots of running, jogging and fitness talks started off our next day. Here too an always around Taj staff helped us stay motivated. (There was always breakfast to look forward to!)

Post completion of our last talk (which was by Aditi) we all proceeded to check out of hotel. And that brought to an end a great weekend with lots of conversations and learning. Not to forget the amazing hospitality of Taj Gateway Resort Team.

After a successful Delhi Retreat, we will be coming to more cities. So keep following Blogchatter on Twitter, Instagram & Facebook and register when this awesome set comes to town!

Photo credits : Gayatri & Prasad