Readers are constantly looking for ways to motivate themselves to do what they love in the first place, read more! 

Some reactions we have heard from readers struggling to read more: 

"I love to read; I don't want to quantify my reading."

"Reading should be a pleasurable activity, not something that's determined by rules."

"I like reading so much, but over the years I have become busier and not getting to read the books I want to."

Have you said any one of these recently? Have you wondered why should you be signing up for a reading challenge? 

Why Do You Need a Reading Challenge

Here's how a reading challenge benefits you: 

  1. You definitely read more when you set a predetermined goal. As you read books, you get the satisfaction of moving towards a goal and that in itself is motivating. 
  2. You get to step out of your reading comfort zone by picking books that others are recommending or by committing yourself to read at least a few more from genres you have always meant to explore. 
  3. You get a community of readers ready to discuss your favourite reads, whose reviews and recommendations you can follow that can lead to fulfilling book discussions.
  4. Reading Challenges get you unexpected goodies, like reward points, stickers on your profile and free books from authors and publishers to review. 

TBR Challenge 2022

TBR Challenge 2022 is a goal you set for your reading over a year. The goal can be related to the number of books you read; a set of themes, genres, or types of books you read; or even how often you read. 

The rules of reading and the pace are your own; we only help you reach your goals.


  1. Complete your profile on Blogchatter website.
  2. At the beginning of the year, or whenever you want, go to your dashboard, go to Reading Challenge and set your goal in terms of the number of books you want to read this year. And that's it, you are registered!
  3. As you read books, add them to your dashboard. Upload the book cover, add the title and the author name for the book to show up in your list of books you have read this year.
  4. Check your rank in the ReaderBoard. It's dynamic and reflects your progress vis-a-vis others in the challenge. Just the jab of motivation that you need from time to time.
  5. Be part of the reader community.
  • Look at what others are reading -- the books are displayed on their profile.
  • Engage on their book-related posts -- you can find them in BlogRolls submitted under BookChatter category
  • Participate in TBR Challenge activities -- monthly check-ins, Book Bingo Challenges, recommending books you loved and many more. Stay tuned to the hashtag on our socials for latest updates and go through the monthly BookChatter newsletter for news, recommendations and giveaway alerts. 


The rules of the TBR Challenge are simple.

  1. Set your reading goal for the year. You can review it once at the half-way mark, i.e. June and can make minor changes based on your pace.
  2. To begin, write a blogpost about TBR Challenge 2022, mention the mandatory line, 'I'm participating in the #TBRChallenge by Blogchatter' and backlink #TBRChallenge to this link:
  3. Don't forget to share the post, add it to BlogRolls and tag us.   
  4. Update your reading progress regularly to be eligible for reward points and giveaways. 

Register for TBR Challenge 2022 here.

You can also find books to read and review in the Review Section and earn reward points!