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Education & Career, 21 Jan 2023


This blogpost deals about me and my science teacher and what helped me to score better marks in the same…

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Education & Career, 20 Jan 2023


Talent refers to a special ability and aptitude that give people an edge in a particular field. Read more about…

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Education & Career, 10 Jan 2023

Timetable for Success: Class 11 Commerce Stream | Ezyschooling

  With the Board exams being cancelled, it is now time for students to make one of the most crucial…

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Education & Career, 3 Jan 2023

How to Start Online Tuition at Home - 7 things to keep

With the covid-19 pandemic in the picture, the education landscape has really changed for the good. Online tuition has become…

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Education & Career, 3 Dec 2022

Reading Comprehension for Senior Students

Two reading comprehension tests that I gave to my twelfth graders. Useful for students as well as teachers of English.

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Education & Career, 25 Nov 2022

Creating Winners

About a mega event that keeps me busy these days. We have about 7000 winners here on our campus competing…

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Education & Career, 24 Sep 2022

Day 2 - Tackling Impostor Syndrome

This blog post is an attempt to talk about Impostor Syndrome - This is a personal account of my career…

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Education & Career, 19 Sep 2022

CBSE English Paper – a review

The Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE] has released sample question papers for the current academic session. As a teacher…

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Education & Career, 17 Sep 2022

My Pot of Confidence : Jai's Jottings

It is a lazy Saturday evening, and I am sitting with my laptop trying to figure out the one special…

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Education & Career, 12 Sep 2022

7 Steps to Slay SEO - A step-by-step guide to SEO for Beginners - Backpack & Explore

The basic and easiest Step-by-Step guide to SEO for beginners. But remember, these tiny steps will boost your traffic and…