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Education & Career, 12 Jan 2021

Stop Glamourising Overwork

Indians are one of the most overworked employees of the world. No Doubt, we feel that if a person works…

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Education & Career, 5 Jan 2021

Is Coding really important for a child?

Coding is a computer programming language which gives exposure to the current technology. Now as the coding is receiving popularity…

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Education & Career, 4 Jan 2021

Make your child learn Life coding not computer coding

These days lots of parents are getting thrilled by hearing all about Coding classes and coding competition. If you get…

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Education & Career, 1 Jan 2021

Ways to Tackle Procrastination

We procrastinate about things that make us a little bit uncomfortable. You think about something you don’t particularly like and…

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Education & Career, 30 Dec 2020

10 Reasons – Why do people procrastinate?

“Procrastination is a grave in which opportunity is buried”. This article is inspired by one of my all time favorite…

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Education & Career, 16 Dec 2020

The (He)art of Teaching!

As the daughter of a amazingly creative teacher, I was quite determined never to teach. It was too much pressure.…

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Education & Career, 13 Dec 2020

Top 5 Free Software Tools For Students

Nowadays, students are learning from the comforts of their home due to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. The…

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Education & Career, 8 Dec 2020

There Is No Giant Leap, Only Baby Steps!

Giant Leaps are overrated. Without the baby steps of all those people who already attempted to climb those peaks, giant…

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Education & Career, 1 Dec 2020

Result Oriented Learning (ROL) – Workshop

Result oriented learning is also known as outcome based education. As per Wikipedia, Outcome based education is an “Educational theory…

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Education & Career, 29 Nov 2020

Top Five Android apps for eLearning

Nowadays, eLearning has made great inroads into our daily lives. With the eruption of COVID-19, it’s impossible for students to…