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Writing, 23 Oct 2023

कविता: कभी किसी का फोन आए, तो उठा लिया करना – जयनंद गुर्जर

कभी किसी का फोन आए, तो उठा लिया करो। अक्सर एक फोन कॉल जिंदगी बदल सकता है। कहने को एक…

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Food & Travel, 23 Oct 2023

Navratri Festival Snack Recipe

A dish from my culture. Happy Navratri everyone. Bringing you a recipe from my mum! PS. there's a YouTube video…

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Writing, 18 Oct 2023

#RomWrites: A ring of destiny #BlogchatterPrompt

The ringing of the phone disturbed my sleep of a lazy Saturday afternoon. I hesitated for a moment to answer…

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Life & Lifestyle, 17 Oct 2023


That evening as usual I finished my works and before visiting the Temple near my home as part of routine…

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Writing, 16 Oct 2023

My Reasons for Reading #BlogchatterBlogHop - A Vibrant Palette

The aroma of the freshly bought book swept over me. As I sifted through the crisp pages with my fingers,…

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Writing, 16 Oct 2023

How do you Read -as a Reader, Reviewer, or Writer.

How do I read as a reader, reviewer, or writer?Do I read as a reader, reviewer, or writer? As an…

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CauseAChatter, 16 Oct 2023

3 Types of People & Things That Make Me Nervous – A Rustic Mind

This post is a part of Blogchatter Blog Hop. It is in response to the weekly prompts for 10th-16th October and I…

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Science & Tech, 15 Oct 2023

Mantras of Online Safety for Children - Wordsopedia

Today, like most teens, the internet is the lifeline for both my daughters, but they never forget the mantras of…

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Parenting & Childcare, 14 Oct 2023

Internet Does Not Discriminate

Not a day passes by when I do not sneak into my 13-year-old son's mobile just to check what websites…

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BookChatter, 14 Oct 2023

A Gateway To Plethora Of Short Stories | Review Of Rashmi Bansal’s ‘Saturday Stories’

There are moments when you are lost in your thoughts, imagining beautiful scenarios. Sometimes, you think deeply about the people…