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BookChatter, 19 Apr 2021

[BlogchatterA2Z] Provenance in Books

Book collectors pay special attention to the provenance in a book i.e. the historical record of its ownership, location, or…

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BookChatter, 17 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Out-of-Print (OOP) Books

Very simply, an out-of-print book is a book that is no longer being published. It may or may not be…

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BookChatter, 16 Apr 2021

What is a Novella?

A novella is a piece of standalone prose fiction that’s not as long as a novel, yet not as short…

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BookChatter, 15 Apr 2021

[BlogchatterA2Z] Medieval Marginalia

Do you write in the margins of your books? Or underline text? Or (the horror!) highlight important lines? It turns…

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BookChatter, 14 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Limp Binding

Limp binding is a bookbinding method wherein a book has supple sides made of cloth, leather, or paper instead of…

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BookChatter, 13 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Kerning: Spacing Adjustments

Kerning refers to the process of adjusting the space between two individual letters to improve legibility. This gives a typeface…

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BookChatter, 12 Apr 2021

[BlogchatterA2Z] Juvenilia: Early Printed Books

Juvenilia are literary, musical, or artistic works of artists in their childhood or youth. The term is especially used for…

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BookChatter, 10 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Incunabula: Early Printed Books

Incunabula are books printed using Gutenberg's movable type printing press before 1500. These books are similar to handwritten manuscripts with…

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BookChatter, 9 Apr 2021

[BlogchatterA2Z] Holograph: Hand-written Manuscripts

A holograph is a hand-written document wholly composed by the person in whose name it appears. e.g. a deed, will,…

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BookChatter, 8 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Glassine Paper

Glassine paper is a smooth, translucent, and glossy paper that is resistant to air, water, and grease. Traditionally, it is…