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BookChatter, 7 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Florilegium: Flower Picture Books

Florilegium literally means a gathering of flowers. In medieval usage, it is a compilation of selected extracts from a larger…

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BookChatter, 6 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Ephemera: Paper Collectibles

Ephemera are paper materials that were originally produced to be used for a short period of time, but since then…

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BookChatter, 5 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Deckled Edges: Affectation or Beauty?

Deckled edges are controversial because they’re considered beautiful by some, whereas others feel they’re an ugly defect. They're originally a…

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BookChatter, 3 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Chapbooks: Quick Reads

In the UK, chapbooks are called pamphlets. Poetry chapbooks are most popular nowadays as a way of poets demonstrating their…

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BookChatter, 2 Apr 2021

[Blogchatter A2Z] Biopredation: Which Insects Damage Books?

This is post #2 of Blogchatter A2Z. Biopredation is a fancy term that denotes an attack of pests (insects and…

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BookChatter, 1 Apr 2021

Age Tanning: Why Do Pages Turn Yellow?

Pages of books and especially newspapers turn yellow with age and exposure to sunlight and air. This phenomenon is called…