As a registered BookChatter reviewer with us ( If you are not registred BookChatter reviewer with us , Click Here to Register ), you can read and review a range of books! Please make sure you read the following so that the review process is pleasant and smooth.

BookChatter Terms & Conditions

What's expected from the reviewer

1. Publish the book review within 15 days of receiving the book on your blog and an excerpt of it on Amazon.

2. Write an honest, unbiased and analytical review of around 500 words. Please add this mandatory line " This review is powered by Blogchatter Book Review Program " at the end of the post and link it to the blogchatter website ( 

3. Only constructive criticism please. 

4. Add book cover image, book details (author, publisher, genre etc) and book buy link in the book review

5. Submit your review to BlogRolls under the BookChatter category. 

6. Post your review link with a short note/comment in the comment section of the book listing along with the rating. 

7. Submit your book review link ( Your Blog Link & not BlogRoll link) in the Dashboard to complete the review process. 

Why was my request to read and review a book not accepted? 

1. Your profile on the website is not complete with all the required details, like your blog URL, mailing address and phone number .

2. You don't have a blog.

3. You don't have a Book review category on your blog.

4. There were too many applicants & your entry was late. 

5. In the past you did not complete the review as per agreed deliverables.

Why did my book review not get approval?

1. It was very short and was not analytical enough 

2. The book cover image was not uploaded

3. There was no book buy link

4. You have not submitted the link to BlogRolls under the BookChatter category.

5. You have not posted your rating or review link in the comment section of the book listing on our website.

If you have updated your book review as per the above agreed guidlines, you can resubmit your Book Review link in the Dashboard for approval to complete the process. 

You can register as a reviewer with BookChatter here