In 2019, we began the activity of becoming Santa for the community and sending them goodies as a New Year gift that also doubled up as a thank you for being a part of Blogchatter, for adding their voice to the conversation that we're having. Thanks to the pandemic, Blogchatter was not able to send out many goodies in 2020 and had to take the route of vouchers for giveaways, etc. But once the situation improved, it got the team thinking. What could we do to show our thanks and also surprise our community? Especially after all the love they had shown us when we migrated to our new website.

We were also planning our #TBRChallenge at the time, and the idea of sending books as gifts germinated from there. We got together and chose 22 books that meant something to us and created a list of people we wanted to celebrate for their unflinching support for us. We also included them in a specially curated section on our website called We Recommend. We hope to expand this section to include books from our #CauseAChatter causes as well.

But how did we choose these books and how did we play matchmakers while choosing which book should go to which person? A podcast with the team will tell you all: