Community is a virtual family that we all enjoy interacting with. A blogger can better blog only if he has a community to share his talent. Are you a part of any community? This is the most common question one blogger asks another. Community teaches you all about networking and growing together. The perfect reason why build thy community is a commandment at Blogchatter this year. So, let’s see why is it important to build thy community and how successful we can be at creating one?


  • Community exposes you to a new set of virtual friends that help you learn to blog the easier way.
  • You are open to tried and tested suggestions that work for you.
  • When you are confused about which step to take first that supports your blogging, community helps you here to make the right choice.
  • You know about the latest trends in the blogosphere first from your community and that helps you with blogpost ideas for your own blog.
  • And, once your blog is up, you need friends to motivate you. They are the first one to read and appreciate your content. So, who gives you these first friends?


Social media is the best place to find a community. Be active on any of the platforms and you will come across many communities. You need to check what a particular community offers and if you are going to benefit from it. Don’t join a community just for the sake of it and waste your time and energy there. It should be helpful to your blog and the content should add to your knowledge and not gossip.

Facebook and Instagram have the best options of community that suits your preferences. Be quick to leave a group as soon as you feel out of the place. Once you are a part of any group/community, try to contribute your opinion also. As much as you gain, you should be contributing also. It may not be a piece of knowledge but an acknowledgement of shared content is also appreciated. Most of the communities help you with commercial blogging work too along with tips sharing content.

How about you, what do you think is the biggest benefit of building a community around your blog?