Now that you have an authority site, what’s the next big thing awaiting you? Well…how to reach your audience, of course! And for that you build a brand. What is a brand? It is your reason for existence.

Your brand helps to carve a niche for you in this competitive world where trends change at the click of a button. It helps you and your blog, content, services offered, etc. to endure.


  • Creativity – The most important question to ask yourself here is, what value are you offering to the reader. Is it entertainment, knowledge, a different perspective? You can write the best content possible but if it doesn’t add value, it is pointless. Once you have your content, don’t forget to package it into snippets for social media sharing. Keep it fresh, unique and find new ways to deliver.
  • Consistency – How does a name become a brand? When you come in front of your audience at regular intervals. Regularity can be attained only when you write and innovate consistently. And to innovate, you need to make use of mentorship, collaborations and courses.
  • Credibility – What proves your credibility in the market? How do you convince your audience that you are authentic? You do that by building your portfolio. Take certificate courses, use your experience, testimonials, champion others’ ideas, etc. to reinforce your thought leadership.

All of the above may sound tedious but you have to remember you’re in this for the long haul. Nobody said it would be easy, nobody said you’d reach the stars without a spaceship. So build a good spaceship – so you can reach the stars.

Becoming a thought leader not only helps you to establish your credibility, but is also a major component of brand building. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!