Everyone enjoys poetry whether we peel off every layer to get into the depths or just read it for pleasure. What makes poetry so powerful that it moves the world? Join us as we discuss in our chat, 'Why is poetry powerful?'

5 June

Theme for 2021 is ecosystem restoration. You can find more about it here: https://www.genevaenvironmentnetwork.org/world-environment-day/

World Food Safety Day draws our attention to detect and manage food borne risks. This year's global theme "Safe food today for a healthy tomorrow" emphasizes on how production and consumption of safe food has long term benefits. Join us for Monday Mutiny as we talk about recognizing the connections between the health of people, the environment and the economy to help us meet the needs of the future. 

The pandemic that has stretched beyond a year now is already leaving lasting impact on us. What does that mean for content creation? What changes, and how will we comprehend that change so we evolve and meet the need of the hour? Our chat on 'Pandemic and the future of content creation' will explore this and more.

Some of the famous pieces of art in history are downright strange! Yet they've reached a point of evergreen fame. On Monday Mutiny we dig deeper and decode those very pieces of 'Controversial art that changed history'.

Robots or aliens taking over the world, a scientific experiment gone awry, the environment hitting back with disasters and more- Movies have always dramatized and given us a horrific and head turning picture of the apocalypse. Ever wondered what the reason behind us enjoying these movies could be? Join us for a chat on 'Why apocalyptic movies are liked'.

Animated movies are more than what they seem. Breaking the misconception that they are 'just cartoons' there are mindblowing movies that teach us important life lessons. We pick some of the choicest ones that left an endearing imprint on our hearts this Monday Mutiny as we talk about 'Animated movies that are masterpieces'.

With #BlogchatterEBook Carnival in full swing, our chat this week is a special treat- "The one for all the ebook authors!" You definitely want to join in to hear some live insights into 'Living the author dream'.

Every once in a while we ponder over life's most poignant questions and that sends us in a search for answers. Why not join us for Monday Mutiny on our search for 'The goal of humanity' through different schools of thoughts? Let's exchange ideas and understand better.

Creating content in a regional language is a niche subject that can have its own set of challenges. How do we figure them out and do we need to address them differently? Our chat on 'Roadblocks in creating regional content' is an initiative to throw light on this topic.