Description:Doctors have always been life savers and even more during the pandemic, working long hours so we can stay safe. On National Doctors Day we celebrate the doctors of our community. Stay tuned to hear what they have to say to us.

Looking to begin a Youtube channel, but clueless about the where, whats and hows? On our first session of #LightsCameraChatter we have DD joining us live to discuss 'How to start a YT channel from scratch and scale it.' Keep your notepad and questions ready!

Here's an opportunity to showcase all the steps you've taken to reduce plastic usage. On International plastic bag free day let your creativity soar and share your ideas with the hashtag #CauseAChatter

There's something soothing and ethereal about listening to poetry recitations. Monday Mutiny explores what exactly spoken word is and what ingredients go in to make that magical concoction we so love to hear.

In the season of flu, differentiating between common cold and flu can get confusing. Let's discuss this in a chat and understand some more. Tune in for there are vouchers to be won!

Lately, video reviews have become a great way for us as consumers to find something perfect- product, movie, book and more. There's more to a review video than unboxing or mentioning existing details. Noor and Dipali on our next #LightsCameraChatter session discuss all the itsy bitsy nuances of 'How to make interesting video reviews.'

Book reviews are a vital part in anyone's reading journey. We find new reads, authors get some light on their work and so on. Taking it up a notch and bringing in booktubing, Sankalpita for our #LightsCameraChatter session talks about 'What does it take to be a successful booktuber in India.'

While the consumption of regional content is on the rise, especially on OTT platforms, we're taking a journey back to when regional cinema came to be. Hop on our culture train and lets head to Monday Mutiny, venturing into the 'History of regional cinema.'

Short videos are super entertaining and catchy. The duration also makes it easier to grab the viewer's attention. For #LightsCameraChatter this week Gunjan and Deepa discuss 'The art of creating interesting short videos' so you can master this skill to your benefit as well.

A quarter of the world's workforce is made up of youth according to the World Economic Forum. It is the best time to enhance skills and find our passion amidst the changing landscape we are in. To celebrate Youth Skills Day [celebrated on 15th July] and work towards solutions our chat this week is on 'Skills for a resilient youth.'

It's always better to prevent illness beforehand. Join us for a Live session with Dr. Pramod Jog as he talks about why you should not ignore flu.

To be consistent in creating content, having a plan is key. It makes the process easier and more fun. Swati joins us for #LightsCameraChatter this week to discuss 'Content planning for your channel.'

How can you keep your family safe from the flu? Let's discuss this in a chat and understand some more. Tune in for there are vouchers to be won!

When we set out to create video content, there are a few things we need to begin. This can get challenging with the wide range of tools and products out there. Ruby and Shalini talk about easily available tools anyone can use on their #LightsCameraChatter session 'Tools to create videos that stand out.'

The first radio broadcast was made on July 23rd 1927 from Bombay Station. we've come a long way since then to television, OTT and social media. Tune in to chat about how the viewing experience has changed celebrating 'National Broadcasting Day- A Nostalgic Journey.'

Food vlogging has room for a lot of experimenting and creativity. Jyoti Dalmia decodes 'Bringing the right food to your table' on this week's #LightsCameraChatter so you too can create some scrumptious videos!

The internet can be as strange as it is entertaining with games and challenges that pique our curiosity and urge us to jump onto the trend. We're opening the basement and digging up some spooked up 'Crazy ghost games that took the internet by storm' for Monday Mutiny.

Vlogging and Blogging can blend really well when we find the secret formula for ourselves. Jhilmil and Anindya will discuss a much talked about topic, 'How do videos complement your blog?' on #LightsCameraChatter to help you plan your strategy and ace it.

Mental Health conversations are crucial, but somewhere along the way have we lost sight of how the right talk should happen, when and where? A very vital question we've been wondering about is 'To whom can we speak about mental health?' Tune in for our chat and let's find answers.

How can flu shots help you stay safe? Let's discuss this in a chat and understand some more. Tune in for there are vouchers to be won!

As #LightsCameraChatter comes to an end, it is time for the grand finale, a fantastic performance of Spoken Word by our very own community. Get your snacks, beverage and get dressed for a magical evening!