Tanka, the Japanese short form poetry is vivid, touching and sometimes inexplicable! Kala Ramesh, the author of 'The Forest I Know' discusses the art of Tanka, how to appreciate it and even how to write it. Tune in for a live with her on 'The Art of Tanka.'

Can you believe it? It's been a year since we released our shiny new website, a logo and completely changed the way community interacts with each other! Join team Blogchatter for a Facebook Live at 8 PM as they reminisce about this journey and share some shiny news too.

It has been a year since our brand new website was launched. We strive to make it community friendly, ensuring you get the best out of it. This #MondayMutiny we're discussing in more detail its fascinating features you would absolutely love. Mohan Das, our friendly ghost is talking about it too!

Storytelling has been around ever since communication began in civilizations. Taking on various forms, it has become an integral part of us. Ever wondered 'How to find your story?' Join us for a little chit chat as we discuss more. We're also celebrating Literacy Day and how we narrow the digital divide, as we curate everything to be human-centred. Stay tuned this Wednesday!

10 Sep

Mental health issues are complex and many. Every day we lose countless lives to them and that is why striving towards a healthier and stigma free society is crucial. Let's create hope through action on Suicide Prevention Day and pledge to do our bit by educating ourselves and helping in whatever way we can.

Hindi Diwas is a patriotic reminder of our National Language. On #MondayMutiny we're 'Celebrating Hindi Diwas' by going on a nostalgic ride to reminisce on how Hindi has evolved in our new world and culture.

Creating content and putting it out there for the world to see requires us to first put our doubts on the side and muster some courage! That's why we often are hesitant to experiement with the kind of content we create, the form and platforms we explore. Our chat on 'Experimenting with content' might help break the ice.

16 Sep
All day World Ozone Day

The Ozone Layer is healing are words that are music to the ears. Global efforts towards #ClimateAction are paying off. Join us as we discuss how we can keep the healing going stronger than ever on World Ozone Day.

On the occasion of International Bisexuality Day we're celebrating amazing protagonists from favourite books who are bisexual. Going beyond social, economic and cultural prejudices and bringing to global attention the normalization of bisexuality, #MondayMutiny is all about 'Bisexual protagonists we love.'

21 Sep

The master storyteller who spins magic with his words, Stephen King celebrates his birthday today- a perfect time for some #BookChatter fun on reading and writing. Time to pick up your choice beverage, take a look at your TBR and join us for some warm conversations.

We hear about keywords and their importance in getting our content discovered. Finding it challenging to implement that into blogging? Our chat on 'In search of the right keywords for your blog and blogpost' is here to help you find answers and craft more SEO friendly posts.

The tourism industry is one of the many that has been affected by the pandemic. On World Tourism Day we talk about 'Tourism for Inclusive Growth' and the many ways we can make it happen. Join us for #MondayMutiny with your wanderlust spirit.

Being consistent with our content is something all creators struggle with at some point of the other. Sometimes we even face burnout and feel like we've reached a dead end. We hear you! In our chat 'Why is creating content consistently difficult?' along with the whys and hows let's also discuss how to tap into the endless resource- our creative spirit and make the best of it.