We all have been blogging for a while now or perhaps just entered this world of blogging. Blogging gives us a voice, and a platform to express ourselves. This means we are also responsible for the message we put out for the world to see. Shouldn’t that message serve a valuable purpose? We began a track called CauseAChatter to channelize all the positive thoughts our community has one dedicated platform that speaks for social causes, and everything that adds meaning to humanity. That is how Blogging with a Purpose began and it has been a journey where we had the chance to explore several important things, we as a community should be talking about. With every social issue we face, every trying time we are in, we are longing to find meaning and joy in everything we do. Varsha talks about the pandemic situation and how wellness should be something we keep a check on in relationships too. Pooja is dedicated to blogging on mental health and she has been spreading awareness on several issues that several of us may have misconceptions about.

Sustainable living is becoming the new trend and Upasna has chosen to talk about how we can bring that change in our daily life. Parenting is one thing, but incorporating thoughtful parenting gives the journey of raising children a whole new meaning. Dipika shares her thoughts with her readers to help other parents. It is a huge help to concerned parents when doctors choose to share their knowledge on blogs. Abhijit talks about child development and many concerns around children’s health.

In times of crises such as the Assam floods and the pandemic it was blog posts and social media that helped Blogchatter reach out to people in need with credible information to help them. When you build your blog with authenticity it can become a genuine place people can find what they are seeking.

But Why Speak about Causes that Matter?

There are several people writing and making videos about things that matter to them, whether it is issues that are trending, or age-old issues or perhaps things that can better our lives. Why then should you choose a topic for your blog too? Blogging With A Purpose helps you give your voice to the cause that you talk about. Your voice that is unique and defined makes the cause even more special. Through your voice, you can reach out to the people around you. We don’t need to change the world, we just need to let the people who read our posts or watch our videos, see through our eyes the purpose behind our cause. And this makes all the difference.