Whether we are looking to buy something, find a piece of information, or even simply choose our ‘go-to’ person in times of crisis, we always look for one thing – credibility. We want a trusted source, and in a world that is polluted with a lot of fake sources, it is but natural to seek loyalty and trust.

The question is how credible are we at what we do? Can anyone who come across our business/work/writing find something worthy of their time? Would they want to come back again for more, because they found us authentic?

Something to ponder over, isn’t it?


To dissect this, the first thing to do would be introspection. Learn about your challenges, your weak points, and your goals. Develop a clear picture in your mind. Focus is the basis of building credibility. Once your lens is focused it is also important to understand the people and surroundings you interact with. The pieces of the puzzle fit perfectly when this is in sync. After all, the strength of your brand affects your readership, customers, and clients.


Is success everything? Is success the end point, the goal, the state of nirvana? Wrong! Credibility holds higher importance than mere success. Success can be achieved even through dishonest means, but credibility needs honesty and transparency; earning the credibility badge doesn’t happen overnight. It comes with practice and continues to stay when it’s nurtured consistently. It would suffice to say that credibility is real success.


Establishing credibility is like rungs to the ladder of thought leadership. Discover your set of principles that make you unique and align with them at all times. Establish your genuineness through your firm foundation of authenticity and climb the ladder to become a leader at what you do.

As they say, a great leader shows people how things are done. Let your brand speak for itself.

Great achievements come with everyday efforts. On the journey of blogger to thought leadership through #LeaderChatter all April. Come back for more!