Reels and artificial intelligence are not only the future; they are also the present and will be in 2023. We must pay close attention. When it involves creating content, it's time to stop speculating about what the future may hold and start embracing new technology head-on with the best digital trends for 2023.

Our survey focused on digital trends for 2023, and here are the findings.

#1. The internet will continue to improve our life 

While 43% believe they spend the majority of their time online, 57% believe they have created healthy boundaries when it comes to social media usage.

#2. 77% say bloggers help build brand awareness through their content 

The role of bloggers in digital marketing will continue to grow in 2023. As bloggers help bridge the gap created by influencers in a marketing campaign, 77% say if a brand wants to build awareness, they should use bloggers.

#3. The podcast is definitely here to stay, 90% agrees

We asked if podcasts were simply a trend, here now and gone away later. A whopping 90% of our community says that podcasts are here to stay.

After all, audio has the potential to emphasize the experience of generating new knowledge in ways that texts sometimes fail to do.

Want to start your own podcast? Check out the resources here.

# 4. Reels are the king of visual content

While reels are the ultimate winner with 42% of our community members' content consumption, the video comes in second at 32%.

#5. There can be no replacement for content writers, not even AI

46% of respondents believe humans will never be replaced. Whereas the rest believe it can improve the content development experience.

"AI writing tools can replace some writers, but never good writers."

#6. The majority of content is consumed through books, blogs, and social media

Books, blogs, and social media are the favorite ways of consuming content. So, if you’re building a personal brand, make sure you use all three levers in your marketing strategy!

#7. 54% say Facebook has been overshadowed by Twitter and Instagram 

While 27% believe Facebook is dying, with two billion log-ins every day, Facebook remains in the race

#8. 49% of the people are not sure what Metaverse is

While there are concerns around privacy and data protection when it comes to AI and technology, here are the trends that we noticed in the survey when it comes to AR and VR:

  • 49% aren't sure what the Metaverse is
  • 22% believe it is an overrated concept and will not lead anywhere
  • 27% worry how the tech versus human equation will play out - will we move further away from our neighbours or have virtual parties and how that will impact human psyche are some of the concerns

While one person believes AR/VR will make our life convenient (including medical amenities), another says it'll negavitely impact lives, leading to further screen additions. Whereas a third person is already planning tech support they can offer to their client's businesses to get into Metaverse.

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